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Springfield, IL 4-29 to 5-2-2013

On the road again Monday, April 29 to Double J Campground, Chatham, IL   
We met Dick and Noelle when we both were in Williamsburg, VA in March.  The Roadtrek Rally for Springfield was cancelled so the four of us decided to tour Springfield together.
      On the road again Tuesday April 30, to the Lincoln Museum , Springfield, IL.
                                               Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky.
                       The family moved to Indiana,  Lincoln moved to Illinois when he was 20.
The Lincoln family in front of the White House.

                                    John Wilkes Booth, General McClellan and General Grant.
                              Mrs. Lincoln welcoming us to enter.  Photos were not allowed.
                             The Museum is very well done.  The videos are very impressive.
                                                         Bust of Lincoln in the Gift Shop

 I had a big surprise when I saw how they served the pork tenderloin sandwich.  The big sandwich is it.
                                                             Original price list
                                                    Lincoln Home National Historic Site.
                         Lincoln bought as a 1 1/2 story house.  Enlarged to a full 2 story house.

                                                      Front Parlor                             
                                                                     Back Parlor
                                Dining Room
                   Sitting Room

                                    On table machine to look at pictures.
Lincoln's bed is 6 ft. 9 in.

At this desk Lincoln wrote speeches.

Mary's bedroom

Willie & Tad's room

Lincoln valued education and toys for his children.  Things he didn't have as a child.

They had a hired girl.
Cast iron stove was purchased                in June 1860.                                        Mary cooked the family meals.                                                                She loved to entertain.  She would host summer parties for 400 guests.

                                                               Downspouts collected                          rain water in a cistern.

Great Republican Rally Aug. 8, 1860
Lincoln's Tomb

 Since the late 1800's people have been rubbing Lincoln's nose for good luck.

Lincoln is buried 10 feet                  below this monument.
His toe is rubbed for good luck.

 Phil ate a horseshoe for dinner.

Lincoln Memorial Gardens

On the road again Wednesday May 1 to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Dana-Thomas House.
The entrance.

The house if 12,000 square feet.

Dining Room windows

I thought the most beautiful aspect of the home was the white arched fireplace similar to this door.
This breathtaking statue was inside the door.
Photos were not allowed in the house but could take this in the Gift Shop.
Photo from a Museum of the Master bedroom.

Lunch & beer sampler at Obed & Isaacs Microbrewery.
Interesting artwork on display.

Presbyterian Church red doors.
 Lincoln Herndon Law Offices.
Old State Capitol

Phil at the Auditor's office


                                                                 Senate Chambers

                During the Civil War Soldiers' Aid Society made bandages and collected supplies.

        Governor's Reception Room where Lincoln who met people prior to the election of 1860.
                                                   At that time candidates did not campaign.
Stephen Douglas
Train Station

                                                    Model of the Lincoln Funeral Train.

                     It stopped at 12 cities in 15 days of travel before arriving in springfield May 3.

                                                            New Salem Visitors Center

                                         Flatboat Lincoln got stuck on the Sangamon River.

New Salem in 1830-40's

Cooper Maker Workshop

                                                        Wooden barrel to store water.

School and church

Root cellar

Foot powered lathe.

Ladder to second floor

Wheel of the Carding and Wool House

Carding machine

                                                              Lincoln Berry first store


37 1/2 cent per day  for a meal and overnight stay.


 One of Lincoln's many jobs
         was as a surveyor.

On the Road again Thursday May 2  to the Washington Botanical Gardens.

                                                   Visitors Center by the Capitol.
                             Many gathered for Annual Police memorial outside of the State Capitol.

                                                                  Fort Dearborn
                                                       Lincoln on the Sangamon River
                                                      Marquette and Joliet with the Indians
                                                                        New Salem
                                                    General Grant named Commander at Cairo.
                                                                    Starved Rock

                                                                      House Chambers

                                                                    Governor's office
                                                 Hallway with the former governors' paintings
                                                    sh the yellow button if in attendance.

                                   We stayed for some proceedings in the House.

                                           Illinois' first Lieutenant Governor:  Pierre Menard
                                                            Illinois Firefighters Memorial
                                        A display of paper weights at the Illinois State Museum

                               Clothes worn by the Illinois soldiers at the start of the Civil War.

Exhibit of Civil War quilts. They were beautifully displayed with plaques explaining bits of their history.

                                                               Horse outside of a bar

    Home again after 3 interesting days learning about our state and its capital.  So much to see and do.
                              So glad Dick and Noelle encouraged us to investigate our state.

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