Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring in the NW, April 27 to May 3

On the Road Again.....it's been some busy days.

We went to the two softball games Teagan played while we were there.

She got an RBI on this hit.

Teagan's soccer game

Cooper's football game.

Cooper knows how to pick a great football player.

We went to the IMAX Theater to watch the Lewis and Clark movie. It is incredible to see what they went through to travel across the unknown territory.

The IMAX was near the Space Needle.

To Paseo's for lunch. We got there at 11:15 am. Just a small place but the line was very long when we left.

They have THE best pork sandwiches in Seattle.

Visited with Phil's cousin, Ginger. She lives in Bozeman, MT but was visiting her family in the Seattle area.

Walked through acres and acres of beautiful tulips in Skagit Valley.

Acres and acres of tulips

Went to Pandora's Winery Open House with Corrina, Tait and our son, Ted, and his girl friend, Allison.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. We can see the Cascade Mountains from Corrina and Tait's house.

Monday Corrina rode her bike 16 miles to work. Being a great brother, Ted rode with her on her maiden journey.

Then Tait, Ted, Allison and Ellie went to Frosted for doughnuts. A new flavor, Maple Bacon is a favorite of many. Allison and Ellie loved the Cherry Almond Bismarck.

Corrina made the 16 mile bike ride home without rain. She plans to ride to work several times a week. We are so proud of her. Brings back memories of when Phil and I used to ride 5 times a week to Busse Woods, a 16 mile ride.

On our way home with memories of great times with our NW families. Wish they didn't live so far away.

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