Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Houma, Chauvin & Grand Isle, LA 2/28-3/3/2015

On the road again Saturday Feb. 28
On the other side of the bayou I see these cattle grazing.  Can't take the girl out of the farm.
 Phil visiting with Houma, LA resident, Phil Chauvin at the Houma Genealogy Meeting.
The speaker talked about the Montegut, LA area.  She is working on a book about the parish.  People keep giving her photos.  Since she keeps gathering more information it's delaying the printing of the book.  We learned so much about the area since it was first settled in the early 1800's.
 After the presentation we had refreshments.  What a spread:  beans, rice, cupcakes, cane syrup cookies, banana cake, pie and more.  The people were so friendly.  Loved hearing their stories.
We attended Mass at the Cathedral of St. Francis de Sales.

 After Mass gentlemen from Israel were selling beautiful wooden statues.
On the road again Sunday March 1
 We were only 21 miles from Chauvin, LA.
 Small town of 3,000.
 We see the shrimp boats docked along the bayou.

 We drove to the end of Hwy. 56  To a marina "where the road ends and the catchin'' begins."
 Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
 We often saw trailers up on stilts and framed in.  (Hurricane protection)
 A building going up...needs a strong foundation.
 Different foundation than the Midwest.  Totally different climate.
 We are staying three nights at the gorgeous Grand Isle State Park.  Right on the Gulf of Mexico.
 We have seen people tenting right out on the beach.
 It got cloudy before sunset.   But so delightful to be in this warm air. (65 degrees)

Monday March 2
 Walking the beach we noticed black sand.  A guy told us it was from the oil spills.  This barrier island was greatly affected by the BP oil spill.  It was almost wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.
 We walked out on the pier and watched for dolphins.  What a treat to be able to get a photo.  We saw maybe 20 dolphins usually in 2 or 3 swimming.  Twice we saw one surface out of the water.  We both yelped an exclamation it was such a thrill to see them.  (and for free)
 Waves just rolling and rolling.  So majestic.
We talked with people from Boston, MA, from MN, from WI and Ohio.  Everyone has such good experiences to share.

Tuesday March 3.  Oh, was it humid overnight.  100%. But during the day it has been sunny and a wonderful breeze so we don't notice the humidity during the day.
 A bonus of staying in a Louisiana State Park is there are free washer and dryers.  So took advantage of that.  I took a walk to the pier while the clothes were washing.  I could see the dolphins again.  While the clothes were in the dryer I went back to the pier and saw more dolphins.  In fact i saw one jump out of the water 4 times.  He was having a good time and so was I.
 Two spots of the moon...in the sky and reflection on the shore.  I didn't know I was doing that.
 What a peaceful serene place.

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