Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seattle, 12/5 - 12/11/2013

On the road again (by plane) Thursday Dec. 5 to Seattle to visit Corrina, Tait, Teagan and Cooper.
We went to at Gabriel's Fire for lunch.  I had pulled pork tacos with chili, BBQ pulled pork glazed with chipotle sauce, topped with slaw.  YUM.  Corrina and Phil had Big Otter sandwiches, pork topped with sauce & slaw.  Great to be with the kids & grandkids again.

On the road again Friday Dec. 6.  Breakfast out with Tait and Corrina before he leaves for Los Angeles.  Before we bought our tickets he already had plans to visit his friend in L.A. and go to the Seattle - San Francisco football game.
I wanted something different so ordered a veggie sandwich. (It was delicious and HUGE.  I had half for lunch after Corrina and I went shopping.  After school Cooper and I made press cookies.

Ted and Allison arrived from Spokane about 9 pm.

On the road again Saturday Dec. 7 to Cooper's basketball game.  Had to leave home at 7:45 am.  UGH after visiting late with the kids.
I forgot to bring my better camera…so pictures taken on my phone.  Excuse the quality.  After Cooper's game we rushed home to get warm clothes on.
Corrina, Teagan, Cooper, Phil & I volunteered at the food drive sponsored by Northwest Harvest.  Corrina and I had a bucket to collect donations as people entered Safeway.  Several people took the time to talk about how impressed they are with this organization.  One lady gave a check for $100.
You had to be 18 to hold the donation bucket so Teagan and Cooper got to hold signs.  Oh, it was cold, in the low 20's for the 3 hours we were there (10 - 1 pm).  Most of our time in the shade.  We kept walking and moving.  The experience gave me a new appreciation of the Salvation Army bell ringers.

Corrina, Teagan, Cooper, Phil & I went to Mass at St. John Vianney.

Corrina made a dinner to celebrate Allison's birthday:  Maple flavored pork roast, wild rice, brussels sprouts and a very tasty squash and kale salad.  Dessert was individual chocolate hot pot cake.  Yum!
 We celebrated Christmas and exchanged gifts as we won't be together on Christmas.   And played Golf, the card game.

Sunday Dec. 8  to work on the "reason that persuaded us to come for this visit."

Teagan and Cooper decorated their gingerbread house.
  Teagan's basketball game.
Cooper's archery classes.  Corrina is busy driving these two to many activities.

Monday Dec. 9 & Tuesday Dec. 10.  I stirred up more cookies and Teagan and Cooper rolled out candy cane cookies.  I made fajitias using Corrina's new Christmas gift cookbook.  Played 3 - 13 with Corrina, Teagan and Phil.

On the road again Wednesday Dec. 11.  Viewing the beautiful sunrise from their deck.  The Cascade Mountains in the distance.  They are snow covered.

 To Cooper's band concert.
 They played Frosty, Deck the halls, Old St. Nick, Joyeux Noel and Silent Night.  What a delight.  Cooper is playing trumpet.  This concert brought back memories when I played clarinet.

We had an uneventful flight to Chicago.  Got home for COLD TEMPERATURES.  I was minus 2 degrees Thursday morning, early cold temperatures.

Home again, home again.  Now to finish preparations for Christmas.


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