Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving, 11/28 - 12/1/2013

Thanksgiving, Thursday Nov. 28 on the road again to Merrill, WI.  Happy birthday wishes to our daughter-in-law,  Allison.  Best wishes for a great day, year and decades to come.

We were on the road by 7:15 am (by CAR, not Roadtrek) so we could get to Phil's sister's to watch the Packer game.  We were surprised to see 4 cars pulled over by Troopers in IL and one in WI.  We know WI is strict in speed limit enforcement but we've never seen many pulled over in IL.  Road were clear, a blessing.  Never know what we will encounter when traveling to Northcentral WI at this time of the year.  They got snow overnight,.

We arrived at Gig and Bruce's home in time to see the Packer score a field goal and touchdown but that was it.  I mean the game from the Packer's perspective was AWFUL..not awesome but sad and bad.  But the day is also about family!

Gigi, Bruce, Abby and Andi hosted a great Thanksgiving dinner.  Phil's sister, Kerry and Rick, Bruce's Mom, Dad, sister and 2 daughters also joined us.   Delicious yummy food.
Abby and Andi and their cousins.

Rick with a sleeping Oliver, Abby's new kitten.  
He usually was a spiral of energy.  Going and going and going.

We stayed overnight at Kerry and Rick's…out in the country  Since it is deer hunting season their dog, Bentley was limited in going outside.  He's a big dog and the color to be confused for a deer.

On the road again Friday Nov. 29 Phil, Kerry and I went to the Generations Antique, a thrift and consignment store in Merrill.
 We visited this store because it is where Phil's Dad had a shoe store.  It was interesting to see the store and also all the items for sale.  It was like visiting a museum.
An interesting item was 10 foot skis.    The owner of the store wonders about the story behind them.
Friday evening in Wisconsin is "Fish Fry."  Randi and Paul also joined us for the continuing of the family weekend get together.  Can you see me in the background?

On the road again Saturday Nov. 30.

Special order bar stools.  A local guy made the medal frames for Rick. 
Rick used wood from his land for the backs and seats.
Randi and Paul went with Rick on his land to get Christmas trees.
Phil and I went to 4 pm Mass at St. Francis.

 When traveling I take pictures of the Stations of the Cross.
 Apparently done by the school children.  How impressive.
Back to Kerry and Rick's.
for the wonderful meal the nieces, Randi, Abby and Andi made.  Everything was DELICIOUS.
 On the road again Sunday Dec. 1 driving home.  We stopped in Madison to have lunch with our brother-in-law, Dick, my sister, Bev and her husband, Tom.

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