Sunday, April 27, 2014

Albany & Hyde Park, NY & Valley Forge, PA.

On the road again Sunday April 27

Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY.

We talked with an usher before Mass to learn the history of church. It was established in 1850's. It is the second-oldest cathedral in the state, after St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. It is also the third oldest Catholic cathedral in the United States, and the first American Catholic cathedral in the Neo-Gothic architectural style.

We read in literature that tours were given of the State Capitol but they are no longer given on weekends. So we went to the New York State Museum. The state is huge and so is the Museum. We were there 3 1/2 hours. The exhibits are cultural and natural history of New York State, a full-sized Iroquois longhouse, working carousel, a Mastodon, Adirondack Wilderness, Ancient Life of New York, Birds of New York, Albany Archeology, Harlem in the 20s, Fire Engine Hall, Contemporary Native American Crafts, Minerals of New York, The World Trade Center: Rescue Recovery Response.

We watched a video of a fireman telling of his experience going up Tower #2 on 9-11. Four in his battalion went on ahead while he and others caught his breath. The firemen were carrying 100 pounds packs and had been going up the steps for more than an hour. They got word Tower #1 went down. After some time they got the word to evacuate. His experience was so chilling.

We stayed overnight at Brook N Wood Campground, Elizaville, NY. We met a couple from California but the guy was originally from Elgin....about 8 miles from where we live. They joined us around our campfire.  We enjoyed getting to know them.

On the roads again Monday April 28

To the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY. We took a tour of the facility. Photos were not allowed. I took these off the Internet. The campus is huge. Students earn Associate and Bachelor degrees. Repeatedly we heard this school is the Harvard of culinary schools.

The school is a former Jesuit seminary. The former chapel is the students' dining room. It was a very impressive tour.

We had lunch in the Apple Pie Cafe. I had scallops with asparagus purée, foamed oranges juice, morel mushrooms and truffle butter. It was De-lious!!!

Phil had macaroni and cheese (special cheeses) and Spicy Asian soup. Also very tasty.

Next we toured Val-Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt's cottage. Interesting to see the home but what I like most to to learn more about her. She was a remarkable woman with many passions and was very active for 17 years after FDR died.  She made a big difference in the world.

We arrived at the Vanderbilt National Historic Site in time for a tour. The mansion was European decorated as the wealthy did in the early 1900's. They were emulating the royalty of Europe.

We stayed at Flying J, Newburgh, NY. Unlike the royalty and wealthy...but we are very content with what we have. And good to sleep in our home on wheels!

On the road again Tuesday April 29 to Valley Forge, PA. We learned about the militia wintering here. The men built log cabins to live in. Prussian Baron Von Steuben trained the men into an Army. The Washington Memorial Chapel is so impressive. It is an active congregation. All the furnishing within the Chapel have special significance.

We stayed at Village Scene Mobile Park, Hatfield, PA.
Location:4/27 - 29/2014

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