Monday, April 28, 2014

Concord, FDR and Albany, 4/25 -26/2014

On the road again Friday April 24

We traveled the Minuteman trail ending in Concord. We learned about the unrest in the colonies, the truth about Paul Revere's ride and even his capture and the "shot heard around the world.". The beginning of the Revolutionary War.

I took a tour of Orchard House.

The home where Louisa May Alcott lived with her parents and her three sisters. In my tour group were four 10 year olds with their Moms.

I finally confessed I need to go back and read Little Women again.

Louisa's Dad made a desk for her. This was unheard of in that era (1860's). WOMEN did not write.

But her parents encouraged Louisa and her sisters to pursue their passions. None sister was musically inclined. Another an actress and the other an artist.

We stayed at Pilot Truck Stop at Sturbridge, MA. Really nice.

On the road again Saturday April 26

Hyde Park, NY - the home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The house was interesting to tour. He built and used his Presidential Library while he was President. Churchill and he met in his Library to sign the agreement to research the atomic bomb. The Library was incredible. We arrived at 10 am and didn't walk out the doors till after 3:30. He is heralded as the best President by many.

We also learned a lot about Eleanor, her time as while FDR was alive and the 17 years she was influential after his death.

We stayed at Pilot near Castle, NY.

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