Thursday, May 1, 2014

Philadelphia, PA 4/30 - 5/1/2014

On the road again Wednesday April 30. Happy birthday to our dear neighbor, Dave.

We walked about 7 minutes to the bus the rain. To the Lansdale train station for the 55 minute ride into Philadelphia. Walking to the National Park Visitors Center it continued to rain. As we went near one corner the wind was so strong we put the umbrella that broke away, folded our other one and donned our rain ponchos.  At the visitor center we watched a video. Then went to Independence Hall, in the rain. Stood in line in the rain. Watched another video. Then to Congress Hall. In and out of these historic buildings. The RAIN was bothersome but the history is so deep....long, long ago and still very important for us. Then to the building with the Liberty Bell but lots of information to read before arriving at the Bell.

Then we looked for a place to eat. We chose Campos for cheesesteak sandwiches. Very good. Onto Christ Church where George Washington and Ben Franklin worshipped. Photos later of Phil sitting in their pews. Then to Betsy Ross's home and the Federal Reserve Bank, through 14 interactive stations we learned how the Federal Reserve works. Then the Mint but it was soon closing time so we were rushed through the building. We walked to the train station, caught a train right away. But at the Lansdale station we had to wait almost an hour for our bus. Brrrrr. It was still rainy and cold too and the station was closed.  Back at the RV we took off our wet clothes and shoes and turned up the furnace. Exhausted we ate some supper and off to bed.

On the road again Thursday May 1 and it was SUNNY. To the bus stop again. At the train station we learned there was a gas leak further up the rail so our train was delayed. We are tourist so we just said, ok. There were many workers and Temple college students needing to get on the way in a timely way.

When we got to Philadelphia it was a delight to walk in the sunshine. We went to Carpenters Hall, Old St. Joseph's Catholic Church, the old City Tavern.  A visit to the cemetery at Christ Church and the Meeting House, (Quaker church) and interesting lesson in their faith and Philadelphia history. Also visited Elfreth's Alley, old town Philadelphia and some interesting shops in the area. We headed to the train station and again caught a train right away. It was good to sit for that hour ride. (we chose public transportation cuz didn't want to be driving into the city. Even if we did we couldn't go in parking garages because our vehicle is 9'6". Don't want to take off our air conditioner.)

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