Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On the road again Sunday May 4 to Mass at St. Sebastian in Bella Vernon, PA.  
We were 30 minutes early.  The church filled up.   Parishioners were very nicely dressed...dresses and heels for the ladies and suits for the men.  Don't see that often.
 Easter flowers are always so pretty.
We toured the Statehouse of Ohio in Columbus.

Interesting to learn how little money the state had to build a Capitol.  They had stone steps and walls.  The docent showed us where there were fossils in the stone wales.
They used special techniques to create an optical illusion.

We stayed at Flying J in Vandalia, OH.  Talked with a couple from Ontario.  They are heading back home after a month at the beach.  They are saddened by the cooler temperatures.

On the road again Monday May 5 to the Air Force Museum in Dayton.  We thought we'd be there a few hours and go to a few other places in Dayton.  NOT!!!!

The Museum is HUGE.  We got there at 9 am.  Went out to the RV for lunch at 1.  Back in for the guided tour at 1:30.  Whew.  That fantastic docent whisked us through that Museum in THREE hours.  What an incredible place.  A person could spend three days there.

We stayed at the Flying J in Spiceland, IN.  As we are pulling in Phil sees an rv like ours. oh, look Wisconsin plates.  Oh, look it's Dave and Karen...we know them.  Had time to visit and catch up with them since we were on a rally with them last June.

On the road again Tuesday May 6.  What a trip we have had again.  Saw our son run the Boston Marathon...personal best time of 3 hours 8 minutes.  So proud of you, Ted.  Considering some 9,000 runners (out of 34,000) finished ahead of you, we kept watching for you AND big thrill for us and for you...we got to see you and you saw us.  Proud you finished in the top 11%.

I marveled again at the unique houses around the different regions of our country:  Cape Cod and Federals in New England, Mansions and row houses in New York, stone houses and the Amish in Pennsylvania.  We left home and our trees had not budded out yet.  I loved seeing the redbud, forsythia, mock cherry, pear trees and dogwoods blooming.  I saw the buffalo grazing in PA and my favorite Holsteins grazing in several states.

Our trip of 20 days was 2903 miles.  We "did" things in Delaware and Ohio.  Two states we had not yet explored in the RV. In our rv we have explored parts of 47 states:  traveled through Idaho 3 different years...this year we will make a point to do something.  Alaska and Hawaii the other two we haven't been to in our rv.  Alaska is in the near future.  But good to be home.

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