Sunday, January 17, 2016

Yuma, AZ & Los Algondones, MX 1/8-1/16/2016

Friday Jan. 8
We are boondocking (not plugged in to electric but full benefits of the Park) at Kofa Escapee Co-op RV Park Thursday Jan. 7 thru Jan. 9 Saturday night.  The place is booked to capacity because other RV'ers are using this as a stop over place on their way to Quartzsite. (A huge RV gathering.) We finally found some warm and very sunny weather.  Being Escapees members we always feel at home at these Parks.  We watched the Packer game in the clubhouse with some others cheering for the Packers.  Yeah, a win tonight.

On the road again Sunday Jan. 10 for Mass at Immaculate Conception.  The church was packed.  The   priest said the Mass the fastest we can remember but the songs were very reverent, not rushed.  

We went to a Farmer's market but we think it was too early in the season.  There weren't many vendors.  Also also looked around at the local Visitors Center museum.  And did some grocery shopping.  Sunday afternoon the office contacted us and said they had a site for us to move to.  We booked to stay a week.
Arizona is famous for their colorful sunsets.  On Monday I joined in on the Line Dancing class.  I felt like a klutz but still enjoyed. Phil has been doing a lot of genealogy.

On the road again Tuesday to MEXICO.  We drove to a secure parking lot and walked across the border like soooo many to Los Algondones. We saw lots of Optical Stores:  glasses for $19, $29 for bifocals and $39 for progressive or trifocals.
There are also LOTS of pharmacies.  And Dental offices.  As soon as walking into the town we are asked "do you want dentist?"  There were also many peddling all kinds of items.

I was intrigued by the woman doing scenery painting using spray paints.
Using cardboard for the "scalloped" clouds in the sky.
And a tiny piece of paper to put paint the birds on.  She did the entire painting in less than 20 minutes.

Lots of flea market items.  Phil got a haircut and I did too.  I even took a chance and had my hair colored.  It turned out ok and 1/3 the cost in the U. S.  We had lunch at an outdoor cafe.  All in all it was an experience.  If we were in Yuma for the winter I don't think we'd go very often.

On the road Friday Jan 15 to the Yuma Proving Grounds. with other Escapee RV'ers.
The proving ground conducts tests on nearly every weapon system in the ground combat arsenal

We had a very informed docent give a tour of the Museum.  He had so many stories about artillery and munitions.  Also about movable bridges used in World War II.  (using tires)
Phil's checking to see if there are any Goodyear tires.

Cauliflower field.  The Yuma area also has fields and fields of lettuce and broccoli.  We stopped at a vegetable stand and bought fresh cauliflower, oranges, tomatoes, lettuce & red peppers.I have never been so close to a hummingbird.  I was talking to the owner of this Park Model.  She said the hummingbirds know when she comes for the winter.  They are at her home immediately.

We enjoyed our 10 days at the Kofa Escapees park.  We joined in a pot luck dinner, happy hour, watched a second Packer game in the clubhouse, visited with many people from around the States and Canada, enjoyed time in the pool and hot tub, line dancing and exercise class.
I joined the ladies and a guy doing the "Adult Coloring."  Mmh.  Ok.  But I get more satisfaction in crocheting shawls.  I gave the lady who collects crocheted items a shawl I had completed.since we've been on the road. 

On the road again Sunday Jan. 17. to St Joseph Church in Welton, AZ.  Phil had looked on line for a town with a Mass at a convenient time for us.  We arrive 30 minutes early for the 10 AM Mass.  But Mass time was 10:30 AND in Spanish.  Since there were no other towns around we waited for the 10:30 Mass.  How well we all know who we read on the Internet is not always correct.   
Though we don't understand Spanish we know the flow of the service.  Unfortunately we couldn't understand the homily.  We could sense the warmth of the community.
 Every church we visit I take photos of the Stations of the Cross.  I have not seen mosaic Stations before.  Very interesting.

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