Sunday, June 19, 2011

Traveling around Lake Michigan: Day 10, June 19, 2011

   On the Road Again Sunday June 19.  Happy Father's Day, Phil and everyone.
Point Bessie Lighthouse didn't open till noon so we continued on the way.  

To Gravity Hill, off of HWY. 22, east on Joyfield Road, turn south by this church.  
Go to the bottom of a slight hill, put the car in neutral and the vehicle will go backwards up the hill."  It did!!!  What an unbelievable feeling.

                  Next stop:  Manistee to tour a Coast Guard Ship and S.S. City of Milwaukee
             The 180-foot-long cutter was launched Sept. 1, 1944. The ship's primary duties were                                  maintaining buoys, lighthouses and other navigational aids and breaking ice during the winters.
Heard stories of many rescues.  Table was given to the Acacia after w rescue.  Beautiful wooden inlay.
                                 S.S. City of Milwaukee was used to transport passengers
                                       and 30 railroad cars from ports in WI to ports in MI.
                        There were four rows of tracks, each row 8 cars perfectly positioned.

               If the railroad cars were not loaded right the ship could and this one did....tip over!
                                    The ship could also cut through the ice of Lake Michigan.
                                    Map showing the ports for shipping the railroad cars.
                                                    The ship's lounge area for passengers.
                                                A cabin.  Overnight stays are available.
                                       A chair, not wicker but hemp, very heavy and sturdy.
We camped at Ludington State Park and hiked the 3 mile round trip to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse.
                                  On a hike after supper we came upon a deer near our walkway.

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