Saturday, June 18, 2011

Traveling around Lake Michigan: Day 8 & 9, June 17 & 18, 2011

On the Road Again Friday June 17, 2011 to Platte River Campgrounds in the Sleeping Bear Dunes Park.  Last night we dry electricity.  We checked first thing in the morning and there was a spot we could get with electricity at Platte River Campgrounds.  Then off to the DUNES.

                                           Phil hiking up the hill.
                                             Ellie at the top of the first hill.
                                                       The terrain continues, up and down.
                                                      Looking back toward Glen Lake.

                                                 There are 9 hills on the 3.5 mile round trip.
                                         Ellie by the last hill and bend before Lake Michigan.
                                  Whew, made it back to the parking lot.  Beautiful sunshine now.
It was ok that it was overcast on most of the hike.  With the sun out it would have been hotter.

Our lunch at Cherry Republic:  Cherry salad, hamburger with cherry juice, cherry ice tea & of cherry pie.  After all we are in CHERRY LAND.

We visited their store that is EVERYTHING CHERRY.  Enjoyed tastings of cherry sodas and cherry wine.  Brought some home.

Near Glen Haven at the Sleeping Bear Point Coast Guard Station Maritime Museum we watched a re-enactment of beeches buoy rescue drill of shipwreck victims using the Lyle Gun (used to fire a rescue line from shore to ship in distress).

                                    Gun used to shoot rope out to distressed ship,  This is the only rifle 
                                                designed by the Army that was not designed to kill.  

Rope in a pattern so it doesn't get tangled.   Box goes to distressed ship 
on rope that was sent out to by rifle above.  
                            From the distressed ship passengers would travel in the breeches buoy.
                                     Read the website for better explanation.

Also visited the Cannery Boathouse.  It had been a cherry cannery.  Now houses interesting  6  - 8 historic boats.

Drove the beautiful Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive  and stopped for different scenic lookouts.
Can you see the person climbing up the Dune?  The speck on the left side.  Also people on the shoreline.

On the Road Again Saturday June 18 to go canoeing on the Platte River.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The river is generally shallow and very clear.
We journeyed across School Lake and again onto the Platte River.  As we came into School Lake we successfully stayed away from the sandbars.  Because it was Saturday there were a lot of people rafting, kayaking and canoeing.  We often had to carefully steer around groups of 10 to 15 rafters just lounging along.  At one congested area we got hung up on a sandbar.  As a fellow was helping us off the sandbar,  Phil and I both pushed off from the same side.  Swish and we were tipped over into waist deep cool, refreshing water.  The fellow helped Phil get all the water out of the canoe and we were on our way again.  Again I can say it was refreshing.  At least we didn't tip over in the deeper waters of the lake. 

Bought some Petoskey rocks.  They were formed by the fossilization of ancient coral 
that lived in warm shallow seas that covered Michigan 350 million years ago.
The left one is unpolished, center a sketch, right one if polished.  Very interesting designs.

We watched a video about the Dunes at the Visitors Center.

We went to Mass at St. Philip Neri Church.  It is always interesting 
to participate in a different community's service.

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