Sunday, September 23, 2012

Regina, SK, 9/23/12

Regina, SK, 9/23/12: On the road again Sunday Sept. 23

Attended Mass at St. Augustine of Canturbury, Brandon, MB yesterday. Impressive church, service and friendly people.

St. Mary's Ukrainian Church in Brandon, MB

Didn't attend but had to take a picture. Another crisp sunny morning, 28 degrees.

Greek Orthodox Church in Brandon, recognized their typical cross.

Leaving the rolling hills of Manitoba.

Hay was harvested near the edge of the highway.

Sunflowers fields were hit by the frost of the last two nights.

Saskatchewan Museum in Regina, SK

Saskatchewan was a major fur trading area.

The Province has divers mineral resources. It has 4 diverse ecological system. 1. Taiga Shield, some areas frozen year round. 2. Boreal Shield, forest, lakes, rocks. 3. Boreal plains, mixed woodlands. 4. Aspen Parklands, meadows.

Ptarmigan is the only bird that changes the color of its plumage to match the habitat. White in the winter, brown plumage in the summer.

Beavers cut down 200 aspens a year.

Bald eagle and eaglet.

Artwork by students.

The Indians (light blue line) learned how to track and capture the elk.

Miniature Wooly Inkscape.

"Sunflower Coral" fossil, possibly a sponge.

Informative section on the First Nation people.

Wi-sa-kecahk and beaver, otter and muskrat.

Each part of the tipi holds it together.

Symbols of the 13 poles of the tipi.

Badge of office shirt.

Traditional dance outfit.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre. In 1873 Hudson Bay Company transferred Rupert's Landing (land of Manitoba and Saskatchewan) to the Dominion of Canada. The government believed a police presence was need and the North West Mounted Police was founded.

Red jackets defined the British presence. Recruits had to be able to ride a horse and read and write in English or French. 300 men marched West. They encountered a vast prairie, thunderstorms, wind and attacks by mosquitos and grasshoppers.

Lance with the red and white colors were used to impress the First Nation people.

Dog sleds were used to patrol the Arctic area until 1969. Since then patrol is done by aircraft and snowmobiles.

During the Gold Rush the NWMP were increased to 285 men to keep law over the 30,000 miners who poured into the Yukon.

In 1904 King Edward VII bestowed Royal on the service. In 1920 it became Royal CANADIAN Mounted Police.

Bombardier passenger vehicle.

1957 RCMP vehicle

Nero, a beloved horse who was famous for his ceremonial performances. He knew all the maneuvers and taught them to new horses. His color turned brown over the years due to exposure to the lights.

1890 red plume on white helmet

1900 leather ammunition belt

World War I Forage Cap, 1914

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