Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visiting our family in WA, 9/27 - 9/30

Visiting our family in WA, 9/27 - 9/30: On the road again in Spokane, Thursday 9/27.

At Ted and Allison's. They made buffalo burgers for dinner.

Using our campfire first time on the road. (Couldn't use it at Walmart.)

Ted and Allison brought 6 week old Brixie home from DeKalb, IL. last year. What a energetic puppy!!!!

Time for us to leave and Hitcher was napping, he's not always this quiet.

Driving past the wheat lands of Washington.

Protection for the baled straw.

Visiting our daughter's family in Seattle area. Cooper and I making a paper machie volcano.

Teagan and Granpa Phil making peanut butter cookies. We also played bad,it ton with the family. Age sure has slowed down our reaction time.

Enjoying the full moon, a fire and making s'mores.


On the road again Saturday Sept. 29

To Teagan's soccer game.

And Cooper's soccer game.

Teagan and Grama Ellie making spritz cookies.

Sunday Sept. 30

Our daughter, Corrina, her husband, Tait, their children, Teagan and Cooper and their dog, Oliver.

Cooper was very busy building his marble contraption while we watched football games.

How wonderful to visit with our Northwest family.

Location:Spokane and Kenmore, WA

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