Monday, October 1, 2012

Volcanos, 10/1/12

Volcanos, 10/1/12: On the road again Monday Oct.1

Cooper and Grama Ellie set off the volcano.

Cooper and Granpa Phil looking at pumice.

At the State of Washington Visitor Center a photo of Mount Saint Helen before its 1980 eruption.

Starting to blow.

May 18, 1980 at 8:32 am an earthquake cause Mount Saint Helen to erupt.

A landslide.

Gas and heated steam

Crater after the eruption.

Driving to Mount Saint Helen.

The rebuilt Hoffstadt Creek Bridge, State Route 505 is 2340 feet long and 370 feet high.

In the Mount Saint Helen National Historic Park a portion of a tree that survived. This portion may have survived because of the snow cover.

Trees that were killed by the heat. New trees are growing.

The center of the of Mount Saint Helen.

Can you see some steam? The Ranger said steam is coming out of the dome of the crater.

What an amazing place of survival, death and rebirth.

We are staying overnight at Walmart in Longview, WA.
Location:Kenmore and Mount Saint Helen, Washington

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