Friday, October 26, 2012

Yosemite, 10/26/12

On the road again Friday Oct. 26. Happy Birthday, Kerry, Phil's sister. Best wishes for many, many more healthy and happy years.

On the road by FOOT. We are hiking up to the Vernal Falls Lookout. The boulders are huge.

It was 37 degrees when we left our campsite.

The Vernal Falls run all year round. The water source is high in the mountains so it doesn't dry up.

As I was taking pictures Phil was talking to this guy from Australia. We have met so many interesting people.

It always amazes me how the trees are able survive seeming to grow on concrete or around rocks.

Looks like this granite rock was punctured.

This California Bay tree didn't survive the rock slide.

A lot of work to build and maintain the pathways in the Parks.

Back side of the Half Dome on our drive up to Glacier Point.

The road to Glacier Point had been closed because of snow until yesterday.

We are up about 7,600 ft. Half Dome is still pretty high. It is over 8,400 ft.

Snow in the Clark Range.

Looking down at the Vernal Falls. Waterfall is 317 ft. When I enlarge this photo I can see people to the right of the Falls. Can even see the V-shaped fencing.

The Nevada Falls. Waterfall is 594 ft. Another fall that continues to run year around.

Still miles and miles from Half Dome.

I'm mountain climbing....NOT!!!

Yosemite Village below. We were about 4,000 ft. above the Valley.

Ashwanhee Hotel. The exterior looks like logs but it is poured concrete. So many buildings had burned prior to the building of the Hotel.

We drove out to Tunnel Vision lookout to see the entrance in the sunshine. El Capitan on the left, Half Dome on the right.

Too much sunshine and shadows.

El Capitan.

Sentinel Rock.

Just can't seem to stop taking pictures and sharing them.

After our supper we took the shuttle bus to the Lodge for a video about Ansel Adams. It was very interesting. The Curator of the Ansel Adams Gallery said there is a photography tour at 9 am and people are welcome to attend. Sounds appealing. Glad to get back to our RV after a busy day of adventuring around Yosemite.
Location:Yosemite, CA.

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