Friday, October 5, 2012

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Portland, 10/5/12

On the road again Friday Oct. 5.

We camped by the Columbia River last night.

Before the dam was put in this area was a huge salmon fishing area for the Indians.

These photos at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center show the force of the Falls.

The Indians used long handle fish net to catch the fish.

At display on saddle making.

Sewing machine to sew saddles

Press for embossing the leather.

Stud press

More embossing

50 foot rawhide reata

Tools for leatherwork

Saddle factory

I'm sitting in a canoe similar to Lewis and Clark used.

They had to carry anvils, billows, vices, pliers, saws and other tools needed for pulling and repairing canoes. The traveled 863 days. They set up camp 600 days and usually left the next morning.

They had to be physicians. Here is blood letting supplies.

Needle and tweezers.



Lead canisters for gunpowder.

Peace offering medals with the likeness of Jefferson for the Indians.

They ate 9 pounds of meat a day. This is a stack of 9 pounds of hamburgers.

The Louisiana Purchase was a vast unknown land before the expedition.

Traveling toward Portland.

Mount Hood.

Multnomad Falls, magnificent!!!!!

The second highest waterfall in the U.S. 543 feet to the upper pool, 69 feet the second pool and 8 feet to the third pool. Total of 620 feet. The original bridge was logs. The current bridge was built in 1914.

We took the train to Portland. Out to eat with Corrina, Allison and Ted.

Rusty, holding Gabby who's playing peekaboo with Deborah.

Phil, Jeanne and Pete.

We stayed at Fairview RV Park, great park, very clean restrooms and showers.

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