Sunday, October 14, 2012

Redwoods, 10/13 & 10/14/12

On the road again Saturday Oct. 13. At the Visitors Center we watched two films about the Redwoods. Very informative.

We drove Mattole Road to go deep in the tall Redwoods.

They are tall here. One tree could make 900 picnic tables.

Giant Tree was measured in Nov. 1991. 363 ft. tall, 53.2 ft in circumference, crown spread 62 ft. During the film at the Visitors Center we learned of all the plants and animals that live in the crown at the top of these trees.

Flat Iron Tree: oval shaped trees. One that fell was 7.5 ft. by 17.5 ft instead of circular.

Can you see me in front of the Tall Tree. 359.3 ft. height, 42 ft. circumference. Sign says it was measured in Feb. 1957. Wonder how much it has grown since then!!! Redwoods have 3 times the chromosomes compared to other trees. The fog gives them extra moisture to grow so tall.

Huge trees. Can you see Phil?

Some trees are taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Deep in the forest. Sorry photo thru our windshield, so not too clear. But had to show you the road we traveled. A marathon is schedule for 10/21 along this road. Ah, running thru the Redwoods!!!

Now driving Hwy.1 along the beautiful Pacific coast.

Sometimes the GPS would say turn right when it was Only a SHARP turn, not a new road.

Hwy. 1 continues to be windy. Also notice the fog drifting in.

Beautiful sunny day over the Pacific coast.

Seems to be a relocation house. Also interesting tree.

Road along the coast.

Drove through foggy areas as well as sunny areas.

We camped at Manchester State Park along the coast, but inland too far to see the Ocean.

On the road again Sunday Oct. 14.

We attended Mass at St. Aloysius in Point Arena. A small friendly congregation. The message was to deepen our faith.

St. Aloysius.

Kelp in the Ocean. At the campground last evening we talked to another Roadtrek couple. The guy said he likes to dive for abalone. It was interesting to learn about this. This photo shows kelp in the Ocean. Getting tangled in kelp is one of the dangers of diving for abalone.

The fog rolling in.

Winding road.

Sun and fog.

Not here but further down the Hwy. we saw surfers. It's Sunday, lots of people out enjoying the beautiful scenery.

After a longggg and windy and up hills and down hills road we arrived at Marin RV Park. We settled in and got our tv hooked up so we could watch the Packers. It was great to see them play such a good game.

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