Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Capes Drive & Tillamook, 10/4/12

On the road again Thursday Oct. 4

Traveling the Three Capes Drive.

And surprised to see sand dunes and the bushes growing right in the sand.

ATV people having fun!!!!

The Arches.

The town of Oceanside

The Octopus Tree.

This Sitka Spruce has no central trunk which is 10 ft at the base. Instead its limbs close to the ground are 3 to 5 ft. thick

Cape Meares Lighthouse. Oregon's shortes lighthouse is only 38 feet tall but 217 above the Ocean.

Tillamook Air Museum is the world's largest clear span wood building.

In 1942 the U.S. Navy began construction of 17 wooden (metal was needed for guns, ships, etc) hangers around the U.S. coastline to house the K-class blimp being used for anti submarine patrol and convey escort. Tillamook was chosen because it was the farthest north along the coast line where freezing weather was not a problem.

K-ships were 252 feet long and filled with 425,000 cubic feet of helium. Range of 2,000 miles and ability to stay afloat for 3 days.

Building of the hanger.

Eight blimps could be stored inside.

Blimp landing on a ship at sea.

Tuskegee airplane


There are 30 or more airplanes on display.

A tricycle airplane.

We stayed along the Columbia River at Celilio Park.

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