Friday, October 19, 2012

King's Canyon & Sequoias, 10/18 & 19/12

On the road again Thursday Oct 18 traveling to Fresno, got groceries and fuel.

Our first view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We past many produce fields and orchards. But can also see how extremely dry it has been. Saw fruit trees that died because of the drought.

Among the Sequoias at Azalea Campground in Kings Canyon National Park.

On the road again Friday Oc. 18.

Big pine cones, but the tall one is a sugar pine. I think the fat ones are Ponderosa pine, definitely not Sequoias.

Exhibit of pine cones at the Visitors Center.

Metal container used by backpackers to store their food so the bears cannot get a scent of their food nor access.

Standing in a fallen Monarch Sequoia. There was a photo of a construction crew that lived in it in 1900. Wood hasn't broken down much in over 200 years.

Gamlin cabin built in 1872.

Grant tree: 1700 years of age, height: 268 ft, girth: 40 ft.

Road through Kings Canyon

Over 30 miles of windy roads through the Canyon.

Seen a lot of wildlife. As we sat around our campfire last evening a raccoon lumber 20 feet from us. We also saw little bats flying around.

Saw several fishermen.

Trail is covered with pine needles.

Must be deer around here eating the tops of the horsetail plants.

Saw the remnants of many, many yucca plants on the canyon walls.


The road is barely visible.

Among the Sequoias at Azalea Campground again.

The moon and stars are so crisp and bright. We're at 6,500 ft. elevation.

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