Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fresno & Coarsegold 10/21/12

On the road again Sunday Oct. 21

To Mass at St. Anthony of Padua. It was a very large church and beautifully decorated. The message was we are encouraged to deepen our faith.

On Hwy. 41

We arrived at Park Sierra, an Escapee's Co-op Park near Coarsegold, CA. about 1 pm. Since we are Escapee members we can stay at the Park as guests. There are over 250 hook up sites that members own. There is a nice clubhouse and many, many amenities. We were invited and joined in at the ice cream social at 2:30. There was great entertainment by the members: guitar, piano and Indian flute. We enjoyed visiting with new people. After we helped move table and chairs. That's how it is at the Co-op, everyone pitches in and helps.

Monday Oct 22 we didn't drive anywhere. It was rainy. First rain here in months. So what happens during the first rainstorm the power usually goes out because the dust when wet becomes heavy dirt on the lines. Power for miles went out but was quickly restored. We used the day to catch up. Because we were on the go doing so much sightseeing I got behind on writing the blog. So I spent the day getting two blogs done. We had a visitor. Adrian had recognized our name in the Guest Book and came to visit. We met she and her husband at an Escapee Park in Benson, AZ. in Feb. Small world.

Tuesday Oct. 23 originally we planned to head to Yosemite today. But the rain we had yesterday was snow in Yosemite plus it was still raining there so we stayed another day. I worked on one more day of our blog and Phil waxed the RV. I played Bridge for 3 hours. They use different scoring. I enjoyed playing Bridge, it's been almost 6 weeks. I also did the laundry. So the day went quickly.

Wednesday Oct. 24. It would have been Dad's 95th birthday. Love you, Dad. Mom and Dad were married 72 years ago today. Love you both and miss you. Thanks for all the values and lessons I learned from both of you.

We decided to stay one more day in the sunshine of this Park. It is still raining in Yosemite and hopefully they will get all the passes open. So I am now up to date on the blog. As I worked on it Phil was able to get more waxing of our RV done. As he worked people passing by would stop and visit. This has been a very relaxing time. We needed sometime to catch our breath. We drove to the Post Office in town and got our Absentee Ballots. So got them sent off. Also got propane so we are ready to hit the road tomorrow. This has been a great place to stay. We dry camped so we only paid $4.00 a night which really helped out our daily cost average.

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