Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oregon Coast. 10/10/12

On the road again Wednesday Oct. 10. But first Phil rescued our blog postings. I did a big No, No!!!! I was having problems while working on the blogs so I thought I would delete the postings that are on the Blogpress site. Little did I know as I was deleting them they were being deleted on-line. I got an email from my sister or we wouldn't have known. Thanks, Marcy. I deleted 65 blogs. Phil spent HOURS, many hours retrieving the blogs. What a great guy, so patient and a persistent computer guy who worked till he figured out how to retrieve them. And so the dates are out of sink but the blogs are back. Whew! Thanks, a thousand thanks to my sweet loving hubby, Phil.

Myrtlewood Store in Reedsport, OR. Just amazing craftsmanship.

Extraordinary work.

Myrtlewood trees are unique to this part of the country.

Myrtlewood trees grow in clumps. The leaves have a very unusual scent although the camp host said the leaves could be substituted for bay leaves

The store had a self guided tour through the Myrtlewood factory.

I'm a sucker for these cute animals.

Oregon Sand Dunes

Long hike

Tall trees growing in the sand.

Walking through the grassy area.

Ah, we made it to the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Conde McCullough Bridge in North Bend was the longest bridge along the coast when it was built in 1936. 5,305 feet long and rises over the water so boats can easily pass under.

The scenery is just so breathtaking.

I.L. Patterson Memorial Bridge, Ophir, OR. was the first in the country built with prestressed concrete. With its seven arches it is beautiful at night with its fiber optic lights. (We passed through before it was dark.)

It looks like sunset but the sun is hidden by the clouds.

We camped at Huntley Park, 7 miles east of Gold Beach, OR. Dry camping again, we have become very comfortable doing that. Price is right..$12.00 and along the Rogue River. We had a campfire again tonight. Doesn't get any better!!!!

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