Thursday, October 11, 2012

Redwoods at last, 10/11/12

On the road again Thursday Oct. 11.

It was a foggy, misty morning. We have been blest with beautiful sunny weather on this trip.

When we bought our RV in June of 2010 one of the places I wanted to see was the Redwoods of California. Well, we are here. We have put over 22,000 miles on our RV and finally made it to the Redwoods.

They are so tall, so magnificent.

Just acres and acres.

We are miniatures.

We went on a two mile hike.

Can you see Phil on the get a concept of how huge these trees are.

Ferns and other plants grow on the fallen trees.

The maple leaves are such a pretty yellow.

Camping at Prairie Creek National Park among the Redwoods.

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