Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fort Stevens, Fort Clatsop & Tillamook, 10/3/12

On the road again Wednesday Oct 3

The Pacific Ocean at Fort Stevens State Park

The Wreck of the Peter Iredale

This area was called the Graveyard of the Pacific because of the hundred of shipwrecks in this area.

Civil War soldier at the Fort Stevens Museum

Sword dating used in 1832 and 1840.

Bunting around Lincoln's casket that traveled on the Funeral Train from Washington D.C. to Illinois.

Uniforms from the Spanish American War of 1898

Patterns of wind currents that carried of Japanese war balloon bombs.

Japanese released 6,000 balloon bombs from Nov. 1944 to Apr. 1945. 1,000 reached the U. S. Some as far as Michigan and Mexico.

Japanese Statement of Surrender

Reproduction of Fort Clatsop, winter headquarter of Lewis and Clark

Only six room for Lewis and Clark's party of 33.

Feather pens.

Heating tallow

To make candles

This candle was made yesterday.

We were treated to music of the time of Lewis and Clark.....fiddler.

And Jewish harp.

Lewis and Clark camped here for the winter of 1805 because there was a fresh water spring. This year has been very dry so can't see the spring.

From the top: Lewis, Clatsop Indian holding a flounder, Clark sketching the fish and Seaman, the Newfoundland dog that traveled with them.

Sacajawea and her son.

Arrowhead roots were a major part of the diet while at Fort Clatsop.

During the winter at the Fort the party made elk skin clothes.

Hat worn by the Indians easily deflected the rain.

Canoe the party traveled in. Indians fished herring with the wooden comb-like pole. They would lift up hundreds of fish at a time.

Amazing moss hanging on the trees.

Haystack Rock by Cannon Beach, OR.

It is home of puffins.

Lighthouse afar and many birds.

So many places to pull off and marvel at the beauty of the coast.

Oregon's famous cheese.

Lifespan of dairy cow.

Different varieties f dairy cows.

In 1959 my Dad put in a milking parlor like this. We milked 60 cows in an hour.

Tillamook Cheese production room.

Huge blocks of cheese are being sealed.

We stayed at Big Spruce RV Park, Netarts, OR. Seemed like no tourist like us but had a nice chat with a guy from in Alaska who is here for the summer.

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