Tuesday, October 16, 2012

San Francisco, 10/16/12

On the road again Tuesday Oct. 16. Happy birthday wishes to my brother, Pat. It was so good to visit with you and Susan and your family last month. Best wishes for many more terrific years.

On our way to Alcratraz.

The first lighthouse was built in 1854. It was the first on the west coast.

The island was first an Army post guarding the San Francisco Bay entrance. The first barracks were built in 1860. In 1912 it was made into a prison.

Watch tower.

In 1934 it became a maximum security prison. It was converted from 600 cells to 336 cells.

Individual cell.

Rules of regulations of the prison.

Maximin security cell.

The "Hole," Isolation. A prisoner could be held in total darkness and restricted diet.

Three men seemed to have escaped from Alcatraz. With a spoon they dug a hole in the heat vent. It must have taken years to dig a hole this size.

They made paper machie heads so when the guards passed it appeared they were in bed.

They made their escape thru this hallway and up to through the ceiling. They were never heard of again. The water is so cold and turbulent it is debatable if they did survive. There is a Clint Eastwood about escape from Alcatraz. Have to watch it.

If they were on good behavior inmates had time outside. From the top steps they could see San Francisco. In the evening from their cells they could hear music from the city, especially on New Years Eve.

They played Bridge using Dominos.

Some developed a talent for painting.

Some crocheted. Anything to help pass the time. If they were on good behavior they could use the library.


There were tear gas canisters in the inmates dining room.

In the kitchen the outline of each knife so immediately a missing knife would be evident.

House for the Warden and his family. Many families of the guards lived on the island. The children took a ferry to the mainland for school.

Once again the Golden Gate Bridge

A sailing ship

The Oracle was practicing. America's entry in the America Cup in 2013.

The competition will be in this area next year. It was interesting to read the next day that the Oracle crashed probably 90 minutes after we saw it.


We ate lunch/dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. I had fish tacos and Phil fish and chips.

An interesting bird was still long enough for me to get a photo.

Near here was a sign Happy 22 Anniversary, Sea Lions. There were 6 platforms with seal lions on. There was one really bossy guy. He kept barking at others to get off. Quite a battle as one sea lion did not want off. Or if he fell off was back and the two were barking at each other. Simple entertainment.

Musical playing a Chapman stick. Soothing music.

Steel drum musicians. Loved their music too.

Artist using spray paint and then taking glossy ads paper to make waves and designs. Interesting.

So many things yet to see in San Francisco so we paid for a 24 guided bus tour. This is city hall.

An impressive building.

Cooper building has aged a pretty green color.

Transamerica building

Interesting house trim

Boutique with legs

Red Victorian B and B

Lennon and McCarthy spent time here.

Music store has everything, even 8 track music.

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bay Bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco

Clock Tower faces are 22 ft. in diameter. We took the ferry and walked the mile to our RV. A LONG day, 12 hours of sightseeing. Whew....but more tomorrow.

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