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Regina, SK, 9/24/12

Regina, SK, 9/24 - 26/12: On the road again Monday Sept. 24. Last night we stayed at the Walmart North.

Legislative Building in Regina, SK.

Work started on the English Renaissance building on August 31, 1908. It was completed in Oct. 12, 1912.

Dome is 173 feet high.

Heritage of the Province.

First Nation and airplane span the years of this Province.

These pillars of marble are from the Island of Cypress. The pillars are 26 feet high and weigh 9,918 pounds. The building has 34 types of marble; from Quebec, Italy, Sweden and Vermont.

The Legislature Chambers.

The Shield of Arms: royal lion, white tailed deer, Helmet of Sovereignty, beaver, wheat, Western red lilies and the words: "Through Many Strength."

Speaker chair used in 1912.

Speaker wears the traditional robe of the English. Crown to the left of his hand is another ritual that is used in the chamber.

Products of Saskatchewan.

Sculptured garden outside commentating the 100th anniversary of The Legislature Building.

Statue of Queen Elizabeth in front of the beautiful gardens

A display at the Government House commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

A Saskatchewan woman recreated the Queen's hats using photos. This is one of the hats Princess Elizabeth wore in 1951 during her first visit to Saskatchewan.

White caribou slippers lined with Northern fox fur were given to the Princess for young Prince Charles.

In 1959 the Queen visited all 10 Provinces, 2 Territories, four of the Great Lakes and the USA.

In 1973 she celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

1978 was the last time she toured the Province by train.

in 1987 she visited many small towns of the Province as well as the capital Regina.

In 2005 she celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Province.

At the RCMP Academy, Depot Division, is the site of basic training for all members of the Canada's police force. Cadets go through intensive 6 months training. Monday, Wednesday and Friday the Sargent Majors Parade is at 12:45 pm. First the band marches in.

In the early years the Sargent Major Parade was a way to ensure that all men were accounted. Roll call was taken, they would align for inspection and for uniform inspection. Years past they paraded in their Redcoats.


The majestic horse are strikingly black.

The crowd was allowed to pet the horses.

The Chapel built in 1883 is the oldest building in Regina.

"RCMP" fire hydrant.

Onto to the US. At the border crossing we were told our vehicle had been computer generated for a search. We waited inside the building as a guard searched our vehicle. Everything was ok.

We traveled to Cottonwood RV Park in Glasgow, MT. We stayed there last year on our way to Glacier National Park. We knew it would be a good place to watch the Packer - Seahawks football game. We found other Packer fans there. We didn't like how the game ended nor did a lot of other people. Need I say more.

On the road again Tuesday Sept. 25

Through the fields of Montana.

Last year earlier in the summer we traveled along Highway 2 and these fields were green.

When we stopped to fix our lunch we see a semi loaded with bales of straw.

We visited Phil's cousin Bobby and his wife, Betty in Great Falls, MT.

Beautiful sunset over the mountains of Helena, MT. We stayed overnight at Walmart in Helena, MT.

On the road again Wednesday Sept. 26.

We visited with my sister, Marcy and her husband, Bruce in Newman Lake.

We stayed the night with our son, Ted and his girl friend, Allison.
Location:Regina, SK, Glasgow, Great Falls and Helena, MT.

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