Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Georgia & Florida 1-28 & 29, 2013

On the road again Monday Jan. 28

We stopped at the Ashburn, GA Chamber of Commerce to see their Fire Ant.

A wood carving of a fire ant.

Ashburn has a Fire Ant Festival in March. The town of 4,500 welcomes 30,000 visitors for their Festival.

We were cordially invited to tour the Crime and Punishment Museum. (The jail that was built in 1906,). The windows facing the street have the bars on the inside of the windows so the building looks like a regular house.

Convicts' clothes

40 pound ball convict would have had attached to his ankle. We tried to lift it...HEAVY.

This ball was filled with sand. Weighed less.

Jokingly called the first RV. This car could sleep 6 convicts who were working the fields...rather than to bring them back to the jail

Mosquito bedding on the portable convict car.

Replica of an electric chair.

Klu Klux Klan outfit

The jail cells were on the second floor. Four to a cell.

Often bunks were set up in this space. Overcrowding was common.

The bars on the inside of the windows.

Execution by hanging.


Ashburn also has the World's Largest Peanut. It can be seen along I-75.

We are staying at Sumtra Oaks Escapee Park outside of Bushnell, FL. We have limited Internet access so can't post the Blog till we go to town. Phil cleaned out the RV antifreeze so we have running water again. You never know how much you want to get water from the faucet until you can't. With temperatures up to 82 and 58 overnight we don't have to worry about pipes freezing while in Florida.

On the road again Tuesday Jan. 29 but first Phil sanitized the plumbing.
We picked up a few supplies at Walmart in Bushnell. Talked to a couple from Ontario who have a rig similar to ours.

We visited the Dade Battlefield State Park.

This was the site of the first Seminole War.

The U.S. soldiers wore blue coats and carried all their gear.

When they had their coats off the white stripes across their chest were an easy target for the Indians to shot at.

The Indians defeated the U.S. soldiers in 1835.

But the Indians were defeated in 1842.

Game of the Seminole Indians similar to Lacrosse but they used two sticks. The ball was make of deerhide.

The beauty of the live oaks. They grow 50 ft. tall and branches spread 100 ft.

They grow from small acorns.

We are staying again at Sumtra Oak Escapee Park under the beautiful live oaks and palm trees. We enjoy visiting with many of the other people here.

Location:Ashburn, GA & Bushnell, FL.

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