Thursday, January 31, 2013

Florida 1-30 & 31, 2013

On the road again Wednesday Jan. 30. Happy birthday wishes to our son, Gene. Hope all you dreams come true this year.

We hiked in the Withacoochee State Forest at Roadham Clay Sink.

Don't know the name of the bush but the yellow flowers are pretty.

Red mushroom.

An older mushroom.

Bromeliads growing on the tree.

Young Spanish moss.

We also hiked at Silver Lake.

Interesting tree.


Huge pine cones. Maybe 7 inches.

Probably 60 ft up the pine cones still look big.

They are littered all over the forest floor.

Resurrection fern appear to die off when weather conditions are dry but come back to vibrant green when it rains.

Busy woodpecker in the tree.

Palms, palms and more palms.

Bridge to cross over. Saw a map near one parking lot said the bridge was out. We hoped we could cross over because we started 1 1/2 mile away from that map. Our RV was about 50 ft. from the bridge. (Old map.)

Silver Lake. Bridge was intact, we could cross over.

Hickory tree. Nostalgic for me...I remember going hickory nut picking with my Dad.

We stayed again at Sumtra Escapee RV Park near Bushnell, FL.

On the road again Thursday Jan. 31. Happy birthday wishes to my sister, Beverly. Best wishes for many, many more years of good health and many new endeavors.

We toured the very impressive Morse Museum in Winter Park, FL. Unfortunately photos not allowed but you can go online to read about it. The Museum is mainly the work of Louis C. Tiffany. The stained glass artwork was so magnificent. The Chapel he exhibited at the Chicago 1893 World's Fair was so awesome. The same can be said of all the things on display. So glad we were able to experience this Museum.

We toured the Harry Leu Gardens in Orlando. He and his wife had a passion for Camellias.

They are called the Rose of the Orient.

This beautiful white one is the size of my hand spread wide.

Miniature Powderpuff Plant.

Beautiful scented Trumpet Flowers.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

So many beautiful roses I couldn't stop taking photos. But alas it was closing time.

We are staying at The Pilot Truck Center in Haines City. An day filled with beautiful artwork of man and nature.

Location:Brookside, Winter Park & Orlando, FL.

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