Monday, February 4, 2013

FL 2-1, 2 & 3-2013 Bok Tower Gardens & wedding

On the road again Friday Feb. 1

Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales.

What an impressive 298 ft. Tower.

All marble carvings were done in position. Work had to be perfect first time.

Impressive vertical Sundial.

Beautiful Carillon music played on 60 bells. They are bolted to steel beams.

Bells weigh between 12 and 22,300 pounds. Total of 123,351 pounds.

The largest clapper is 500 pounds.

Five and a half octave keyboard.

Once a year they allow visitors to cross the moat around the tower and walk up to the Door.

Brass Door.

The door is the story of life, Creation.

The brass was worked on from the back side.

The screws were filed to a smooth finish.

Beautiful ponds around the Tower.

Japanese Lantern dedicated to Edward Bok who established the Gardens as a gift to the American people.

Interesting bromeliads.

Staghorn fern

Flying dragon shrub.

Root beer bush

Orange blossoms. We visited Florida's Natural Grove House. Five educational videos about the citrus industry. (and free samples.)

Orange picker used this bag to harvest the fruit.

In 1941 deep harmful groves were cut in to trees to harvest rosin used to make turpentine.

Strawberry fields.

We joined Yvonne, Gene, Ted, Allison, Gigi, Bruce, Abby and Andi for dinner. Good or not so good we had an hour 45 minute wait for dinner. Good thing was we had lots of visiting outside. We stayed overnight at Tampa East RV Park.

On the road again Saturday Feb. 2.

To Devin and Tony's wedding. It was at Cross Creek Ranch, Dover.

The weather was perfect and the setting was spectacular.

Tony and his Dad, Rick and Mom, Kerry, Phil's sister.

Phil and his sisters, Kerry and Gigi.

The Chauvin cousins. Sorry, not good quality photo but great people.

They were sent on the way under sparkling sparklers. A truly memorable day. We stayed at Tampa East RV Park.

On the road again Sunday Feb. 3.

We attended Mass at St Francis of Assisi in Seffner. During our travels it's interesting to participate in so many different services and see so many different churches and congregations.

We had brunch with Yvonne, Gene, Allison and Gene. Met up with Kerry and Rick and many of the wedding attendees at the Cigar City Brewing for a beer tour and samples. Mid afternoon hamburgers at Five Guys. Nap time then watching the Super Bowl with others at their hotel.

What a fantastic weekend, spectacular wedding and lots of family visiting time. We stayed again at Tampa East RV Park, Seffner, FL.

Location:Lake Wales, Seffner & Dover, FL

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