Monday, February 18, 2013

Georgia, 2-15 - 18, 2013

On the road again Friday Feb. 15 after getting our brakes fixed. A necessity of traveling. Since we increased the total of our credit card by $$$$ we choose to stay at a Flying J Truck Stop at Brunswick, GA. There were 16 RV'ers there. We tried to talk to the Roadtrekkers but he said "French" so we realized they didn't understand English.

On the road again Sat. Feb. 16

To the south beach on Jekyll Island and the Atlantic Ocean.

Gotta included the birds.

It looked like this would be soft to walk across but it was very firm.

Phil found something interesting. When we were in the Museum we learned this wasn't a tangle of shells but a Plumed Worm Tube.

Water tower looks like a golf ball. This had been the playground of the rich and famous.

Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island is an information center and also hospital for rescued turtles. Turtles swim in their hospital tanks.

Some receive shots.

Green sea turtles are brown on the outside. But green on the inside because of all the plants they eat. The chlorophyll makes their insides green including their fat.

Gender is dictated by the temperature of the water.

In the late 1880 the rich bought Jekyll Island and made it their winter home.

Jekyll Island Clubhouse was the center of activity.

San Souci: First condo in the U. S.! 6 apartments for J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller and 4 other ultra rich Industrialists.

Indian Mound, Rockefeller's "cottage.". Eventually they had their own "cottage."

Beautiful porches

Looking through the windows saw these gorgeous lamps.

Look! There we are in the mirror above the fireplace.

Loved the look of the staircase.

Simple side porch.

Mistletoe cottage

Goodyear's cottage. Live oaks with Spanish moss all over these states.

Now an art gallery and gift shop. This was the living room.

Dining room.

Phil used to work for Goodyear.

Moss Cottage

Horton House was constructed in 1742.

This is the wall. The construction was "Tabby.". Equal parts lime, sand, oyster shells and water mixed and poured into wooden frames. House is over 250 years old and still standing.

Fort Frederica on St. Simon Island had Living History Day. Same "Tabby" walls.

The area was populated with Scots, Germans and English in the early 1700's.

They demonstrated the 27 steps needed to shot a gun.

Very time consuming process.

They had just shot of the cannon

Temperature about 42 and a strong wind off the water. Fire felt good.

Tomb from about 1750.

We arrived at Sharon and Denny's in Richmond Hill, GA. about 5 pm. We traveled with them in Newfoundland. Great to get together again with them.

On the read again to Mass as St, Ann's. Part of the Mass were sung in Latin. We met Sharon and Denny for lunch. We drove thru Fort Mcallister State Park.

Denny gave us a tour through Flight Safety. He taught pilots using the Gulf Stream 4 simulator. What an interesting place and job.

We had dinner at Fish Tales. Unfortunately by the time we ordered they were out of oysters. The owners was so accommodating serving us andouille soup and "specially prepared" scallops.

The four of us and Bliz!

C. J. is a little camera shy. What a great time we had with Sharon and Denny.

On the road again Monday Feb. 18

To camp at Edisto Beach State Park, South Carolina on the Atlantic Ocean.

Birds scurry along looking for food and only pause a moment.

90 minute walk on the beach. Lots of shells.

Beautiful sunset.

And the colors reflect on the clouds.

Now there are only two states we haven't been to. In the few week we'll get to North Carolina and then onto West Virginia. What an interesting country we have.

Location:Brunswick, New Richmond, GA. & Edisto Island, S. C.

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