Friday, February 15, 2013

Central FL. 2-10 - 15, 2013

On the Road again Sunday Feb. 10

We attended Mass at Holy Cross Church with Clarence and Mary Ann. The Church has impressive hand painted Stations of the Cross.

We enjoyed breakfast at Clarence and Mary Ann's favorite place, Popi's. Phil enjoyed huge pancakes. I had eggs, hash browns and a huge baking powder biscuit. We had the biscuit later.

Clarence and Mary Ann riding their 3 wheeler to our RV. We had to park our RV at the Community's parking lot.

Service to our door so we could pack up the clothes we had while we stayed at their rented Florida home. What a great visit we had with our dear friends.

We stayed at Myakka State Park for the night. One of the highlights of this park is the Myakka Canopy Walkway. The Walkway is 25 feet above the ground. It extends 85 feet through the hammock canopy.

We climbed the tower 74 feet to be above the tree tops.

Airplants in the Hammock.

I think this is grassy leaf. (Airplant)

The Myakka River floods yearly and wipes out the vegetation.

Palms start over.

Or survive if they are above the flood line. Animals and plants have to survive through floods, drought, sandy soil and shade.

Wild pigs.

Alligators. We also saw a deer, turkey vultures and ibis.

And our favorite.....spoonbills.

Here we see the spoonbill using his beak to spoon his food to eat.

We met two other Roadtrek owners at our campsite. We had great visits with Chuck and Joan from Orlando area and Carmen and George from Ontario.

On the road again Monday Feb. 11 we returned to the Escapee RV Park at Wauchula. We arrived in time to play Bridge so we got our Bridge fix. At home we play on Wed. and Fri. mornings. We visited with Harry and Chrisite who we met when at this park last Wed.

On the road again Tuesday Feb. 12. Happy 47th Anniversary to Claudia (my sister) and Bob. Best wishes for many, many more. It was a great day to do laundry. Sunny and temps in mid 80's. I also worked on the blog. The blog for Sat. 2/9 took many hours to do. We heard about Jacaranda Culinary School in Avon Park. We thought it sounded great. My favorites were the broccoli salad and the turtle cream pie. Phil loves the Southern fried chicken.

On the road again Wednesday Feb. 13.

To pick strawberries at Center Hill Farm outside of Bowling Green, FL. When at the Happy Hour at the Escapee RV Park we won "Pick 3 lbs., get one lb. free." The berries were huge and so easy to pick. We picked 5 lbs. in no time. We could easily keep going but have limited storage.

First they lay water drip systems, plastic is formed around the dirt, holes are punched in the plastic. Six men plant 17,000 plants in 6 hours. They are paid $6.25 to plant a case which is 700 plants.

We visited with Mary Jo, Phil's cousin and friend, Eric, in Homosassa. They took us to Peck's Old Port Cove, Ozello Trail, Crystal River.

It was a 19 mile ride through windy roads. As we got closer to Peck's sometimes there was water on each side of the road. There were a few islands separating us from the Gulf of Mexico.

They are famous for blue crabs. But we had delicious stuffed grouper. We had a great time visiting with Mary Jo and Eric.

On the road again Thursday Feb. 14. Happy Valentines Day the check brake pads light came on.

To Chip and Beth's who live near New Smyrna Beach. They are busy planting and tending to their acreage. They have an orange tree and many tropicals.

Blooms are next year's fruit.

Beth's Staghorn fern is thriving. It is over 3 ft by 3 ft.

We went to Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford. We had Schnitzel at this rousing German restaurant. It was so good. A band was playing German songs. Often the patrons were hoisting their beer glasses in song. We had a great time visiting with Chip and Beth.

On the road again Friday Feb. 15. Yesterday Phil made an appointment in New Smyrna to have the brakes looked at today. We were sent to Daytona Beach. They said they couldn't handle Sprinters at New Smyrna. We will get back on the road when the brakes are finished!!!! When Phil had our vehicle in for oil change before our trip he asked them to check the brakes. Wonder if they did???!!!! Well, last year we put on 26,130 miles and since we have bought it we have put on 51,860 miles. So yes, upkeep is part of ownership and traveling. The weather has cooled off. Our two recent travel and visiting have been rainy and in the 70's. We are happy with cooler weather. :-)

Location:Myakka State Park, Wauchula, Homosassa, New Smyrna Beach & Daytona Beach.

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  1. Sounds like such fun. We travel in different circles though. I am amazed how many people you know in Florida. I can't think of anyone I know there, oh, except you two. Don and Kay will be there in April. Continue to have safe travels, thinking of you this week when we have freezing rain Monday and major storm Friday.
    Love you both, Claudia and Bob