Monday, February 11, 2013

Lakeland, FL. 2-4, 5 & 6, 2013

On the road again Monday Feb. 4 to Bob Evans for lunch with Ted and Allison. We filled up on soup, salad and bread. Everything was delicious. We especially liked the biscuits and cherry bread. Have to share a few more pictures from Devin and Tony's wedding.

Devin, Tony, Kerry and Rick

A better photo of the cousins than the one I posted yesterday.

Our family before the wedding.

After the brewery tour on Sunday.

We met Tom and Linda at Sanlan RV Park near Lakeland. When we pulled in to register a kind gentleman told us we had a bubble on the rear tire. What a blessing to discover it. Fortunately there was a Goodyear dealer by the park and Phil got our new tire.

As we visited we saw an airplane sky writing.

On the road Tuesday Feb. 5 to Lakeland. Happy birthday wishes to Phil's sister, Gigi. It was great to spend so much time with you and your family this weekend. Sorry you had so many delays to fly home.

We toured the campus of Florida Southern College to see the buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

College Library

Wright designed furniture.

He used plywood.

Curves and triangles.


There are three levels.

Light comes thru the colored glass in the walls.

Smaller Chapel.

Walkways connecting buildings.

Aluminum used as decorative trim.

Older traditional building.

Photo doesn't capture the amazing water dome.

More interesting designs.

Copper trimmed ceiling in the Administration Building.

Plant City mural.

Enjoyed a great lunch at Whistle Stop Cafe.

Then to Parkesdale Market for dessert.

They are famous for their strawberry shortcake. Delicious!!!!! with LOTS of whipped cream on top. We returned to Sanlan RV Park and continued to visit into the night.

On the road again Wednesday Feb. 6

We saw a alligator basking in the sun before we left the campground.

We stayed at the Escapee RV Park outside of Wauchula. As we were pulling into our campsite, lo and behold we were greeted by Harry and Christy from PA. whom we visited with at the Bushnell Escapee RV Park. We joined in the singalong session. It was followed by Happy Hour. In between I did the laundry. There was a clothesline so I was thrilled to be able to use it. What wonderful gracious people at this RV Park.

Location:Lakeland & Wauchula, FL.

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