Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Georgia stops, 1-25 to 1-27-13

On the Road Again Friday Jan. 25, 2013. Weather predictions made us evaluate and reevaluate our departure. Finally thought it was best to go on Friday. Get on the road to avoid bad weather on Sunday. We left on the first day that our area had over an inch of snow since last March. But roads were clear by the time we got going. We stayed overnight at the Pilot Truck Stop in Marion, IL.

On the road again Saturday Jan. 26 with partly sunny skies.

We visited the Chickamaugna National Military Park at Fort Oglethorpe, GA. This is a battery wagon used in the Civil War. We watched a video about the battles in this area. Three major battles were fought in the Civil War. This is one along with Gettysburg and Vicksburg. Really tragic the loss of lives during the Civil War.

We attended Mass at St Gerald's in Fort Oglethorpe. A very friendly congregation! We stayed overnight at Walmart.

On the road again Sunday Jan. 27

Touring the fields of the Battle of Chickamaugna. Many monuments erected in honor of those who fought here. Our allegiance to our home state of Wisconsin comes through.

15th Artillery of U.S. Army

Ohio Infantry. The acorn was used as a symbol denoting the Army held the line like a mighty oak tree.

Illinois Infantry Monument

Wisconsin Cavalry Monument.

Wisconsin Emblem

Wilder Brigade Monument, I n honor of the mounted infantry.

Cabin of Brothern family.

Cabin used as hospital.

We drove to Lookout Mountain, the Chattanooga Military Park. Painting of the Civil War battle.

New York Monument

Depicts reconciliation between the North and the South.

On Lookout Mountain above the Tennessee River.

Photographers took photos of people on the ledges HIGH above the valley.

The rocks are still there, high above the rivers and valley below.

9 hard tack crackers per day (3" square) served to the soldiers. So hard they couldn't break with their fist.

It was a windy road through some impressive neighborhoods to the bottom on the the mountain.

Onto to Stone Mountain.

But now it is "Snow Mountain" with artificial snow with sledding.

And tubing, one per tube.

Or four going on the tube together. Using the water slide in the winter!!!!

We watched the video: Making the Stone Mountain Carving, very interesting. Also a video of the Civil War battles in Georgia.

We stayed at the Flying J Truck Stop at Jackson, GA. There were 11 other RV's overnight. Chatted with the fellow next to us, they were from Kitchner, ON.

Location:Fort Oglethorpe and Chattanooga, GA.

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