Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 5 of our trip to Florida and SE

On the Road........Sunday, Jan. 30..... Happy Birthday to our son, Gene. Best wishes for many many more. It was 38 degrees overnight. We left Stephen Foster State Park in the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge at 10 am. We saw 3 snowy egrets. One must have been Mom or Dad. That one watched as the other two were soaring around in the sky and then settled in the pond. Also saw 4 young deer.

First stop: Devil's Milhopper Geological State Park. We went down the 232 steps to the bottom of the sinkhole. The hole is 117 feet deep and 500 feet across.

There is a lot of native vegetation growing and water trickling down the limestone rocks.

A native wildflower.

Driving though Trenton we saw a metal silo. This is horse country. Also saw beef cattle grazing.

Onto Manatee Springs State Park. We walked on the boardwalk out to the Suwannee River to watch a manatee swim. It is interesting to see it swim so gracefully and only come up for air every 3 to 4 minutes.

There were probably 500 turkey vultures in the trees in the area that we walked.

Temperature 69, sunny part of the day and overcast in the late afternoon.

Played Progressive card game and to bed early. Want to share a good quote from our Roadtrek newsletter: "Travelers don't know where they are going.". That's us....we have an idea, but don't know for sure where we are going, what great places will we discover be continued. (WHEN. We have Internet coverage....that's why postings are not daily.)

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Location:Manatee State Park, Chieftan, FL

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