Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day two of our trip to Florida and the SE

On the Road Again....Thursday, Jan. 27 at 6:40 AM. Since we went to sleep early, like 9 pm, we were ready to get going before the sun was up. We saw a beautiful sun rise, big, bright orange!

It was 21 degrees overnight but we were toasty warm under our down comforter and Phil put the furnace on. As we drove it got to 17 degrees.

There was beautiful hoarfrost on the trees and bushes and fog coming up in the white snow covered fields south of Paducah.

We drove past Fort Campbell, where Phil did his Basic Training for the National Guards in 1967.

We reached an elevation of 1920 feet. It was interesting to see the hard black rock walls along the highway. Could that be coal? From WI and IL we are used to cream colored limestones. I read TN's products are: coal, limestone, marble, clay and zinc.

We were blessed with good traffic all day. As we left Paducah there was a traffic jam going north, but none going south. The same was true as we went through Nashville and around Atlanta.

When we stopped at Jackson, GA to get fuel I saw the first native flowers on this trip.

It was also interesting at a rest area north of Atlanta to see so many holly shrubs. In the Midwest we have yews and spireas.

We were going to stop at Pinehurst, GA to stay overnight but decided to go farther. We made it to a great Travel Center....Pilot! We traveled 558 miles. Did not plan on that many but the traveling was good! 21.29 mpg. Great sun filled day, really warmed the RV and us.

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Location:KY, TN and GA

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