Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 6 of our trip to Florida and SE

On the Road Again....Monday, Jan. 31. Happy birthday, Bev, Ellie's sister. Best wishes for many, many more!!!! After breakfast & washing the dishes we walked on the boardwalk to the Suwannee River, hoping to see more manatees. The railings were lined with turkey vultures.

10 on each side. They looked like they were sentries guarding the walkway to the river. As we approached they flew into the trees.

Huge, magnificent birds although another camper called them ugly. We saw a turtle and ducks swimming in the river & some fish swimming and even jumping out of the water. We visited with another couple from Indiana and a guy from FL. Always interesting to hear experiences of others.

Next stop: Homosassa State Wildlife Refuge.

A fantastic day.

Saw so many interesting animals and birds.

Information talks about alligators, hippos and manatees.

Look closely, see the manatee's nose & eyes. He's eating his typical diet of lettuce and cabbage.

Arrived at the Orlando Fairgrounds at 5 pm. Already met lots of fellow Roadtrekers. Sorry Chicago to tell you it was 70 degrees. Hope you don't get as much snow as predicted.

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Location:Homosassa & Orlando, FL

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