Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day one of our trip to Florida & SE (plus Dec. Trips)

On the road again December 11 through 19. Well, not exactly on the road. But rather going to our neighbors' to dog sit. Dave and Kristen went on a cruise with her parents and sister. We are happy to take care of their boxers, Ajax and Emma.

Then it was Christmas!!!! Our son, Gene, his wife, Yvonne and their teenagers, Jason and Nicole came for dinner on Christmas Eve. Always good to spend time with family.

On Christmas Day, it was "On the Road Again" as we went to Madison, WI to spend the day with two of Ellie's sisters and their families. Again, we say it is good to spend time with family.

Thursday Dec. 30, Gene and Yvonne went to Jamaica. We "house sat" and "dog sat.". Nicole and Jason were home some time, you maybe know how it is with teenagers. We have "dog sat" for Maggie other times but this is the first time for Max. After Gene and Yvonne were back and we no longer had dogs staring at us as we seemed strange.

On the Road Again......Jan. 26 heading to Florida. We got on the road at. 11 am. 22 degrees, a little snow on top of our Roadtrek and overcast.

Our backyard will be green when we return.

As we traveled we saw a plumbing supply distribution center, M. Cooper. Made us think of our grandson, Cooper. Traveling by harvested cornfields saw lots of geese. They were seemed to be scavengering in the field for corn. Anyway, made Ellie think of her Dad.....who was a dairy farmer all his life. Can take the girl out of the farm, but can't take the farm out of the girl.

Near Effingham we saw a huge white cross. A sign said www.crossorg. Learned it was erected to serve as a beacon of hope for the 50,000 people who pass by every day.

Still seeing snow at the rest stops and this sign.

At the next rest area the snow was gone, temp. was 30. Getting warmer. There was a beautiful sunset.

Since it was already dark, we didn't stop at Metropolis to see the giant Superman statue.

We reached Paducah, KY at 6:15 pm Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Our first day on the road again..TIS great!!!!! 412.5 miles. 20.87 mpg.

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Location:Paducah, KY

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