Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Travel around Lake Superior 2011

On the Road Again Friday July 15 for Fish Fry in Merrill, WI with Phil's sisters, (Gigi and Kerry) husbands (Bruce and Rick) and a niece (Andi). It was great to visit with them once again. Saturday we took a tour of the damaged homes from the tornado that hit Merrill on April 10. So sad to see the empty lots where homes had been. Also sad to see manufacture buildings in shreds. We stopped at the cemetery so Phil could take photos of some family graves for genealogy. We went to his 50th high school reunion. There were 98 classmates and their spouse or significant other. A very good turnout. We had a good time visiting with so many, hearing of their experiences and sharing ours. Sunday 8 am Mass and met Kerry, Rick, Gigi, Bruce and Andi for breakfast.

On the Road Again. We stopped at the Paul Bunyan in Minocqua to visit with Ken who was our best man....almost 45 years ago. Was good to visit with him. It's been a long time.

Then visited Jo and Otto, friends we had visited in Louisiana. They were visiting family in the area. We traveled on to Washburn, WI. We camped at Thompson West End Park, Wasburn, WI., a beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Superior. We were amazed to meet 3 couples from Eau Claire. Talked with a couple from Marshfield, we lived there back in 1967!

On the Road Again Monday July 18 to Bayfield, WI to take the ferry to Madeline Island, one of the 22 Apostle Islands. But first we got water from the Artesian well at our campground. The locals come and get water from this well as well as the campers.

We learned interesting facts at the Madeline Island Museum.....the beaver is said to be the cause of many battles between England and France....both countries wanted to have the fur trade. Also learned about the cleaning of the beaver fur, taking off the "guard" hairs and how the beaver fur was used to make felt hats. Also interesting to learn due to the fur trade and the Ojibway Indians that Madeline Island was one of the first settled areas of the interior of North America.

Father Baraga founded the first Catholic mission on Madeline Island in 1835. The Ojibway (Christian) Indians adopted the white man's style of house as grave covers.

Windmill used to grind grains 1909 to 1926 is near Superior, WI.

We camped at Nemadji RV Park near Superior, WI. So grateful to have electric so we could use the air conditioning.

On the Road Again Tuesday July 19 to Duluth, MN. Toured the William Irvin ship, built in 1938 for US Steel corporation. For 40 years this 610 foot long 60 feet wide freighter carried iron ore and coal to ports between Gary, IN and Cleveland, OH. USS also invited passengers to journey onboard.

Stovetop had grids so the pots would not fall off.

Passengers' dining room.

Passengers room with fireplace, but not a wood burning fireplace.

610 feet in length. Learned how they filled the ship through hatches.

Interior of cargo bay filled with iron ore. (this is a photo)

Historic tour of the pier, learned about the one of a kind (existing) in the world Aerial Bridge. When ships or boats come to enter the harbor, traffic is stopped and the bridge that cars and trucks cross is raised.

Bridge raised so a sailboat can enter the harbor from Lake Superior.

Onto to Cloquet, MN to see the only gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Camping at Cloquet city park named Stafford Park. Beautiful park on an island by the St. Louis River.

Location:WI and MN

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