Thursday, July 21, 2011

Traveling around Lake Superior 2011

On the Road Again Wednesday July 20.

Cloquet voyager in Dunlap Park by the St Louis River

Sappi paper mill in Cloquet, MN

At Two Harbors we toured the Museum, learned about the building of the Duluth and Iron Range rail line and the shipping of iron ore.

Toured Edna G., a tugboat used to assist ships in and out of the harbor.

Photo of Edna G. assisting an iron ore ship. Look at the size of that ship!

Toured the Lighthouse and a pilot house, learned more about the history of the area.

Stove in the lighthouse.

Toured the 3M Museum. Incredibly interesting.

Timeline of tapes made by 3M.

Parked along Hwy. 61 and walked in to see the beautiful falls at Gooseberry State Park.

Parked on Hwy. 61 and hiked up to Palisade Head in Tettegouche State Park.

Camped at Lambs Resort. Walked down to Lake Superior.

Beautiful pebbles on the beach.

On the Road Again Thursday July 21 walked to the Baraga Cross on Lake Superior. He was traveling from Madeline Island and encountered a bad storm. They were fortunately hung up on a sandbar so survived. They erected a cross in thanksgiving.

Stopped at Cascade State Park and hiked in to see these beautiful cascading falls. Weather is beautiful.

At Grand Portage Monument we watched a video that taught us about "Voyageurs.". Also learned about the fur trading.

Outdoor oven

Birchbark canoe

Last stop in the U.S. is at Grand Portage State Park. The 3/4 mile hike (again because the state park was closed) was worth it! Tremendous falls. The water spray off the falls was creating rainbows and wet cameras.


Camping at Chippewa Campground (city owned by Thunder Bay) and they have WiFi so can post. Otherwise we are not using email or text or phone in Canada.

Wonderful trip!!!!

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Location:Two Harbors, MN

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