Sunday, July 24, 2011

Traveling along Lake Superior 2011

On the road again Friday, July 22 we checked our emails before we left Chippewa campsite near Thunder Bay, Ontario. Fort Williams Historic Park was a fascinating and educational 3 1/2 hours visit. We entered into 1815. It was rendezvous time. The one time of the year that the voyageurs and merchants arrived for the exchange of furs and European goods.

Beaver furs were desired for making felt hats. A scales to measure 45 pounds.

Press used to compact the furs

Voyageur carried TWO 45 bundles when they had to portage...journey through the wilderness when the rivers had falls that were not safe to travel.

Diamondback fox, very rare.

Ermine for royalty. Extremely rare.

The Doctor's wife told how her husband practiced medicine. She was so very interesting. Glad we aren't living in that era for many reason.

Fire to roast chicken

Sugar cone. Very valuable and rare.

Coffee roaster (for over the open fire)

Cow horn needed to be boiled so the inside would come out.

Then a wooden ball fit in the horn and sealed for the gun powder.

Frame for building a canoe.

Sewing done of the canoe. Done with an awl, not needle.

This looks like a grape vine wreath but is a wreath of Spruce. It used to sew birchbark canoes and other things. Leather is used to sew the canoe where the braces are attached to the canoe.

Pitch applied over seams

Next stop: Kakabeka Falls, Niagara like falls near Thunder Bay

Terry Fox memorial

We stayed at the Wolf River Campground. First time camping we only had 15 amp service. Otherwise we have 30 amp.

It was 12 degrees overnight. We slept SO good. We keep looking at the conversion chart. That's 54 degrees F. Also have to keep converting KM to miles. The GPS does it automatically, eh!

On the Road Again Saturday July 23 to Ouimet Canyon.

It is 1.9 miles deep and 500 feet deep.

Vertical cliffs are 36 feet

Amazing to see the different veins of rocks

Legend says this Rock formation said to be an Indian Maiden

Next to go mining at an Amethyst mine. We were allowed to pick whatever we wanted outside the "mining area." We took our pails and gathered what we wanted.

A man working on a vein in the restricted area.

Interesting to see veins of amethyst on either side of another rock composition.

Amethyst that has iron ore on it looks red or almost orange. We didn't find these. They were on display.

Red Rock, Ontario.

We camped at Pukaskwa National Park.

Took hike toward the beach and along the rocky, hilly coastline.

We traveled over some of the oldest rock in the world.

There wasn't a real path to follow. We kept looking for the steps up or down that were the indication we were on the right trail.

Lake Superior.

What fascinating and amazing geological places we are seeing!!!!!

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Location:Thunder Bay & Dorian

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