Monday, July 25, 2011

Traveling Around Lake Superior - 2011

On the Road Again Sunday July 24 to White River to the home of Winnie the Pooh. Lieutenant Harry Coleburn was a veterinarian in Canada. He bought a bear cub in White River.

Harry named the cub after his hometown, Winnipeg. When the Lt. went oversea he took the cub with him. When the Lt. had to go to France in 1914 he left the cub at the London Zoo. The cub was loved by many at the zoo. A. A. Milne sparked the fictional character, Winnie the Pooh. Christopher Robin is A. A. Milne's son.

In White River doesn't benefit from Lake Superior's warming influence in the winter. In 1935 the town recorded the coldest temperature of minus 58 C. (minus 72 F.)

A thermometer

Wawa's town name is Ojibway for wild goose. Al Turcott came up with the idea of a 28 foot Canadian Goose to attract people to their town as they traveled the Trans-Canadian highway. The first goose was erected in 1960.

It was replaced steel goose in 1963.

Red totem outside the Visitors Center

We stopped at another impressive falls....Magpie Falls just south of Wawa.

The falls are 75 feet high and 125 feet wide.

In traveling through Ontario we are seeing ROCKS, TREES, WILDFLOWERS, LAKES, RIVERS, STREAMS, beautiful WATERFALLS and signs saying MOOSE, dangerous night driving.

Notice 80 speed limit around the kilometers!

We hiked out to the Agawa Rocks. Pictographs done by the Ojibway Indians. They tell the story of a war party that crossed Lake Superior. The area's first people, ancestors of today's Ojibway, date from about 9000 B.C. We could see a few drawings but the rocks were too slippery along Lake Superior for us to venture out to see them up close.

We are camping at Wild Rose Campground across the road from Lake Superior. One of the guys at the campground is making a totem pole.

The log is black spruce

Beautiful grain of wood.

BIt's a mighty lake, so very awesome....but we knew that in the early 70's when we lived in Marquette, MI for two years. Now we are seeing it's surroundings and learning about those who lived here centuries ago. Plus meeting so many interesting people.

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Location:White River, Wawa, Magpie Falls and Agawa Rocks

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