Thursday, February 19, 2015

Davis Bayou, Ocean Springs, MS 2/9-11/2015

On the road again Monday Feb. 9
Good byes were said to everyone as they headed out.  We decided to stay another night.  We really like this place.  We talked with the neighbors who are at this park for 4 months.  We went to the library and I worked on the blog.  We had reception at the Park but it was too slow to do the blog.  It was so quiet when we got back to the park.
On the road again Tuesday Feb. 10 to Gulf Islands National Seashore.  We stayed at the Davis Bayou campground.  I hiked the one mile to the Visitors Center (Phil napped).  As usual I watched the video about the area.  I learned about the surrounding barrier islands and the creators of land and sea.  I asked about a Ranger led hike.  One of the workers said no hike but she offered to explain the native plants.  As she talked we saw a river otter.  The first one she saw this year (and me too.)

Interesting photo because I took it into the sun.  4:30 and the haze was beginning to rise.  We met Jon and Shirley from Waterloo, IL and invited them for a campfire.   Jon has interesting pets...snakes, fish and mice.  We enjoy hearing the adventures of so many.
On the road again Wednesday Feb. 11.  We took the 1.7 mile hike (one way) on this bridge.  Does it look like it doesn't continue.  Yes, it does.  It is the Biloxi Bay Bridge that was rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.
 6 lanes of traffic and a 12 foot pedestrian walkway connect Ocean Springs to Biloxi. (Hwy 90
Copper plates are every .1 mile depicting scenes of the area.

Maybe a fisherman was collecting from his traps.  (I'm from the North, don't know much about fishing.)  Lots of pelicans were around him and the area after he left.

We had lunch on the Ocean Spring beach.  What beautiful white sands.  We stopped at the Visitors Center in Ocean Spring and the bank.  We needed more $10 and singles to pay the $11 camp fee.  I thought we'd do more "in town" but after our Bridge hike that really was more like 4 miles from point to point (parking lot).  We headed back to the campground.

Laura, a Roadtrekker and Carley who travels in a Chinook were at the same campground.  They had been at the Gautier get together.  They joined us for a campfire.   A restful and soothing way to end the day, soft chatter and gazing into the flames.  We will sleep good. 

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