Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oceans Springs MS 2/12/2015

On the road again Thursday Feb. 12
As we were leaving to go to town we see this couple from Vancouver Island.  They are touring the   U. S. with their horses and buggy.  This has been on their bucket list.  They came to the campground to fill their tanks with water.  What an interesting story.
It was suggested we go to the Walter Anderson Museum of Art.  What amazing artwork. 

 He made linoleum block prints.

Transferred to discontinued wall paper.
He continually did nature sketches.

  These drawing are part of a WPA project he did for the Ocean Spring Auditorium.  This room is the story of this area.  The Indians.
 French arriving to claim the land.

 He loved nature.
The last 18 years of his life he was a recluse leaving his family to paint in a cottage.  No visitors or family came to this cottage.
 After his death his wife entered this room and was astounded to find every spot on the wall of this room covered with painting.
 As I entered I amazed.  I can't imagine how his wife felt since she knew nothing about his work in this cottage and in this private room.

 The ceiling.

He rode his bicycle around town and even to New York, to Pennsylvania and to Miami.  He attempted to ride his bicycle in China but was not successful.
 The last 18 years of his life he also spent weeks at a time on uninhabited Horn Island.  He painted or sketched every part of the island,  all the creatures of the land and sea.
He would row 14 hours in his skiff to the island.  Once he chained himself to a tree so he could experience a hurricane.  A gifted solitary man.
 Back at the campground I went for a walk.  You can see evening is coming to the serene bayou.  so peaceful.

Each time we have left this quiet area and we get to the highway there is so much traffic.  I think where did all these people come from.  Turning off the highway to enter the National Seashore area the road is immediately enveloped by huge tree.  Kinda like wrapping us up in quiet and peacefulness.  Love it here.

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