Friday, February 20, 2015

Fort Morgan & Gulf Shores, AL 2/19-20/2015

On the road again Thursday Feb. 19 after doing the laundry we went to lunch with friends to Shrimp Basket.  We have heard from many that it is a great place to eat.
What delicious shrimp.
 On the road again Friday Feb. 20 driving the back roads.  It always is note worthy to me when I see red soil.  Growing up in the Midwest I'm used to black soil.
5 semis lined up on the street in Gulf Shores with huge pylons that will be used for construction of a new high rise.
 Fort Morgan has been standing sentry at the mouth of Mobile Bay for 180 years.
August 1864 the Fort fell to Union forces.  During WW I Coast Artillery troops were trained here.  During WW II the Navy coastal minesweeper routinely sailed from Fort Morgan to search for submarine laid mines at the mouth of Mobile Bay.
  We were surprised how steep and deep the steps were.
Flags of this area:  Royal Union Flag "King's Colors", (1763-1780,  Spanish Empire (1780-1813), Alabama Militia (1861), United States, New France (1682-1763) and Confederate States (1861-1865)
 We hiked a trail in the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge.
Have you ever seen a Banded Seas Star?  This was in the Visitors Center.
 It was so windy we only saw three birds.  Heard several chirping.
 We walked the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Temperature 60 degrees.
 The waves were really roaring.

No sunbathers, just the birds.

We are staying at Sun Runners RV Park, Gulfport.  It will be a low of 50 degrees tonight.  That sounds really good after 3 mornings of 26 degrees.

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