Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 36 and 37 of our trip to FL and SE

Pictures taken Tuesday, March 1 at Anastasia State Park.

Atlantic Ocean, very strong wind.


Dunes and the ocean afar.

On the Road Again Wednesday March 2 to the St Augustine Lighthouse.
Wow, hard to believe we started our journey 5 weeks ago. Where has the time gone????!!!! We have seen so much and there is so much more to see. What an amazing country we live in.

Looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Our Roadtrek in the parking lot.

The lighthouse was so neat. Viewing the museum gave us an appreciation of the life those people had.

Volunteers working on boats for the Museum.

Onto to Savannah, GA. We checked into to Skiaway Island State Park. We headed out for a 3 mile ride to the Intercoastal waters. At first the trees looked so beautiful.

Then we realized we could not do the three mile route. The tree roots were above ground and catching on our pedals. Not a place to ride our bikes with the skinny tires. So we took the short part of the loop out to the Intercoastal waters.

We couldn't wait for the sunset but needed to get safely home (our RV) before dark. Couldn't ride with the tree roots attacking our tires in the dark. We had a campfire and enjoyed a peaceful evening.

On the Road Again Thursday March 3 to tour Savannah.

You can see the bricks that are the street. We chose Old Town Savannah for our tour. We learned so much about the history of Georgia and Savannah as well as seeing so many of the historic areas of the city.

House used for offices by General Sherman.


One room house squeezed between two houses.

Ships bring in cargo via the Savannah River.

Gingerbread house

A house with window with colored glass (second floor) similar to those in Ellie's childhood home.

We went to Mrs. Wilkens for lunch. What a meal! Twenty four dishes were served, from several kinds of beans, salads, stew, rice & sausage, of course fried chicken and so much more. Ellie especially liked the okra salad. Several others at the family style table tried the okra and also liked it. Banana bread pudding for dessert.
Forsyth fountain

We visited the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Holy water font

Celtic cross in Holy water font

The organ has 2308 pipes and 34 ranks.

St Cecelia, patron of musicians is in the center of the stain glass window that is above the organ.

James Edward Olgethorpe, founder of Georgia.

Savannah has 24 "Squares" or parks in the historic and Victorian part of the city.

Tallest church spire in Savannah, the Presbyterian church.

We will return to Savannah. So much more to see and enjoy. What a beautiful city. We know understand why Yvonne loves it so much.

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Location:Anastasia State Park and Savannah, GA

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