Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 40 and 41 of our trip to FL and SE

On the Road Again Sunday March 6 there were no sites available for us at Stephen Foster FL. State Park, nor a few others so go on the Internet and find a place. We found a GEM. Ho Hum RV Park, Carrabelle, FL. We traveled 358 miles, arriving about 4:30pm.

The Park is on the beach of St George Island Sound. A beautiful place and very friendly workers and visitors. Met one couple from Uniontown, TN., retired from Goodyear. Met another couple from OH.

On the Road Again Monday March 7 to St. George Island Lighthouse.

Interesting is how many times this lighthouse was rebuilt. Storms have a tendency to take out lighthouses.

This one only had 92 steps and then 8 steps on a ladder to the observation deck.

Phil going down the ladder.

Next stop: Apalachicola, FL. A highly successful town in the 1830's due to cotton, later sponge marketing, turpentine and lumber harvesting and currently the seafood industry. Oysters are still harvested simply with using rakes. The shells are put back into the sea to ensure the continued reproduction of oysters.

Oyster shell piles waiting to go back to sea.

A Vietnam Memorial. Thought it looked familiar. It is a reproduction of the Memorial figures who are at the Washington D.C. Vietnam Memorial. (we saw it last Oct.)

We had a tour of the Thomas Orman House and learned over 270 years of this town's history.

Because of Orman this town became the third biggest port of exporting cotton. The home had huge windows. The parlor front windows to the porch were pocket windows. The windows would slide up to the second floor, so the windows actually became doors. Men could step outside and do their business and come back inside to socialize.

Office of Mr. Orman.

House for the slaves, probably household slaves because this house was so close to the Orman's house.

We visited the John Gorrie Museum. He was a pioneer in air conditioning and refrigeration by inventing a machine that made ice. He wanted to cool the rooms of those suffering from yellow fever.

Next we learned more history of this town through the tour guide of the Rainey House. Rainey's son was in the Confederate Navy. We were shown china with C.S.N.--Confederate State Navy! Also Confederate money, a music book and organ from 1840's, and so many priceless historical objects. There is a funeral door. A side double door allowed easy access of the casket for the wake to be held in the Rainey home.

Throughout our trip we find it amazing, the wealth of knowledge the tour guides haves and they so passionately share it. Again and again we find our country has so much fascinating history. There is so much to learn. It is also interesting how in some homes they want us to take photos and in other homes, no photos allowed.

Once again sunsets and water are so enticing.

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Location:Carrabelle and Apalachicola, FL.

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