Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 42 and 43 of our trip to FL and SE

On the Road Again Tuesday March 8. Stopped at the WWII museum in Carrabelle, FL, unfortunately it was closed but there were displays in the hallways. Omar Bradley and 30,000 troops trained soldiers for D-Day here. Camp Gordon Johnston was an amphibious training facility. There was a poster of 19 cemeteries in Europe where over 100,000 U.S. men and women who fought in WW II were buried. Very impressive.

Driving along the coastline and seeing the tall pines made us remember our trips to Marquette, MI. along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Well, till we would see the palm trees.

We stopped at Apalachicola to take a photo of Thomas Rainey's house

What an impressive house. They really knew how to build them. The pillars, doors, so much is Still there from 1830's when they built the house.

Next a drive through the town of Seaside.

Wish I could crop this photo but cant do it, or haven't figured out how do do that on the IPad. Interesting pastel colors.

Look out to the sea.

Beautiful GREEN water, why it's called the Emerald Coast.

We visited Navarre Beach State Park.

How about joining us next time?

Here are two guys attempting to surf. We saw four guys out in the Gulf giving it a try. Now how strong they have to be to battle the waves, how patient to wait for the right wave and how persistent to try, try again, hoping to get a spectacular ride? One guy maybe had a 15 second ride. The weather was blustery, in fact yellow and blue flags were warning, not favorable conditions.

The beach was kinda empty.

A few more walking the beach down this way.

We walked out the 3/4 mile piers. Guys were out ere attempting to fish.

When looking for a site for the night we found Escapee's Rainbow Plantation RV Park near Summerdale, Al. Our destination in 10 days is Lake Charles, LA so this looked like a great spot for the night. As we checked in we learned there was a Mardi Gras dinner and party. We said, YES. WOW, what a night. There were 215 people attending the dinner. We talked with 3 people we had been on the D.C.Escapees trip in Oct. We looked for a table to have our dinner and were warmly welcomed by a couple from MN. The meal was delicious. They had a parade for the King and Queen and many more joining in. A ruckus parade.

Then skits by some of the "campers.". Oh, my goodness, we laughed so hard. The best were the synchronized swimmers.

We also did the hand jive dancing and so much more. We couldn't believe the great place we chose for the night.

On the Road Again Ash Wednesday March 9. Except plans changed.

We started to drive to Mobile, AL intending to go to Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception but the weather was getting BAD. We went back and thought this was a good time to do the laundry, plus be around other people instead of off on our own. It rained and it poured, it lightened and THUNDERED and did it all over again and again. Later heard it rained 4 1/2 inches. About the time the laundrey was put away and we had lunch the radar showed the worst of the storm had passes.

So On the Road Again to Mobile, AL to the Oakleigh Mansion. Had read on the Internet if time was short this was the ONE place to see. That was so true. Ann gave the two of us a tour of the Cox home, a middle class family and then a detailed tour of the Oakleigh Mansion. We learned so much about the homes, families and about Mobile. What an informative 2 plus hours.

Cox-Deasly House

Oakleigh Mansion

We stopped by the Cathedral on the way "home" but it was locked.

Another interesting day!!!!!

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Location:FL Panhandle, Summerdale and Mobile, AL

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