Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 55 and 56 of our trip to FL and SE

On the Road Again Monday March 21 we checked out of Sam Houston Jones State Park and joined Dennis and Jean at Jo and Otto's. We all journeyed through Cameron Parish. We stopped at Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge and viewed 2 informative films about the area. We also met a Ranger who graduated from U. of WI. Her home is Prairie du Chien.

Red cheek turtle.

See his red cheek.

White face ibis. First time we saw one.

A Louisiana alligator.

The beauty of nature. Ripples of silt on a pond.

The guys!

We had lunch at GiGi's Cafe in Cameron.

Delicious shrimp po'boy.

Neat rocking chairs.

Dennis and Jean

Jo and Otto

Here we are. Loved the chairs' pastel colors.

We crossed the water inlet on a ferry. This allows Lake Charles to be a port city.

Onto the Gulf of Mexico and sea shell hunting again.

Onto another Wildlife Refuge.

Alligators amaze us.

What a glorious day with friends and seeing the beautiful nature God has created. Although we did see some devastation from Hurricane Rita. Also saw that FEMA has demanded that new housing is built on stilts.

On the Road Again Tuesday March 22 to Lafayette, LA. We were all up to say "Have a good day at work, Otto." we visited Jean Lafitte National Historical Park. We saw 2 films about the Acadiens (Cajuns) and toured the very detailed museum.

Next we toured Vermillionville.

It has 5 original homes from the 1700's to mid-1800's and 12 reproduction buildings.

Native American hut.

Inside of hut showing ventilation and the bed.

Oven made with clay and bousillage.

After Spanish moss dried it was used for bricks as well as in the walls of the homes.

Wall of a home, studs with the plaster between the studs.

Mosquito netting was needed. Windows had no screens.

Tung oil tree blooms.

A gentleman told of the tradition of the Acadiens that when a boy was 16, at Mardi GRAS time it was his coming out time. He would go house to house to invite the families to the festivities. He also asked for a piece of food. At the festivities that one item from everyone became enough food for everyone. If a father had a daughter of the coming out age, he would hang a cloth on the post. The boy would know to be sure to invite the family.

Next stop: Baton Rouge to tour the Old Governor's Mansion. It was built in 1930. It is designed similar to the White House in D. C.

The East Room.

State dining room

Governor's family dining room.

We toured the Louisiana State Capitol. Security and reception desks staff were eager to share stories with us about the Capitol.

Beautiful azaleas in bloom.

View from the 27th floor in the Tower of the Capitol.

One story was that a bomb went off in the Senate Chambers at night. No one was injured but things in the room were thrown all over.

A pencil was stuck on the ceiling and was left there.

We finally after 12 days said Good bye to Louisiana. Never thought we would learn so much.

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Location:Lake Charles, Cameron, Lafayette and Baton Rouge, LA

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