Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 48 of our trip to FL and SE

On the Road Again on Monday March 14 to Chauvin, LA. Our first stop was the Huoma, LA. library. Phil said he was interested in researching the Chauvin family. The librarian, Judy, was so very helpful. Together they looked at books about the Chauvin family but Phil knew he was not related to the Chauvins in the books.

Judy said she would call the gentleman who researched the family. He came to the library and met Phil. His name: Phil Chauvin.

Phil Chauvin of Huoma, LA and Phil Chauvin of Rolling Meadows, IL.

What a delightful and knowledgeable man. He shared so many stories, about his research, childhood, working on an oil rig, working during a hurricane, stories about islands that have disappeared because of erosion, his time in the Navy and so much more. He said his great grandfather had a store and the mail for the townsfolk was delivered to his store. Great grandfather's name was Chauvin so the town was named Chauvin.

Robert, Judy and Phil standing in front of the "Chauvin Collection"

We had lunch in the A Bears Cafe. Phil had red beans, rice, and sausage and Ellie had shrimp gumbo. Onto Chauvin. It was interesting driving on a beautiful sunshiny day not knowing what to expect. The Bayou ran next to the road with houses on both sides of the bayou.

Shrimp boats, waiting for April to get out shrimping. Then again in August.

Houses along the bayou. (river)

It was interesting to see Chauvin in so many places.

Chauvin Street.

Chauvin bridge

Back home people not familiar with the name want to spell it with a "S."

We continued the drive to Cocodrie, the end of the Hwy. 56.

Cocodrie is a Sportsman's Paradise

Houses with boat docks.

Houses for the fishermen.

On the way back we stopped at Pat's of Chauvin, Inc. The owner came out to talk to use. Her maiden name is Chauvin. She shared so many stories about the town, herself and the influence of so many things (hurricanes, BP oil spill, homeowners insurance, etc.) on Chauvin and the area.

This was a very special day because we talked to locals. They have a wealth of knowledge that we just soaked up. We are so grateful.

What wonderful memories we have to take with us.

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Location:Westwego, Huoma and Chauvin, LA

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