Monday, February 10, 2014

Bowling Green, KY 2/10/2014

Corvette Museum continued

1953 Corvette

GM pioneered using fiberglass for Corvettes.

1960 Corvette....notice the gas price!

1968 Astro Vette

First generation 1963

Second generation

Third generation 1968

Fifth generation 1997

Sixth generation 2007

Seventh generation 2014

Roy Oribson's Corvette



Interesting to learn about IVERS. Integrated vehicle.

A life size model of 2014 Stingray. Side of IVERS

To make sure all parts fit together. Front of IVERS.

Back of IVERS.

Phil in the Museum showcase room.

We left the Museum at 5 pm on Mon. Feb. 10. At 4:45 am Feb 12 security was alerted because of movement in this showroom. Soon a number of valuable, irreplaceable Corvettes went down a sinkhole. This is one of the cars.

This 1983 Corvette was also in that room. I don't know if it was damaged. OnFeb. 10 it was the only 1983 left.

A person can order the Corvette from the factory and pick it up at the Museum. Here's one ready To be driven home by the owner.

What an amazing place and interesting day.

We stayed at the PilotTruck Stop in Franklin, KY.

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